Top 3 Budget Cars In India Under Rs. 4 Lakhs – Best Budget Cars

Everybody is a looking for a car with good mileage, space, and comfort.  The budget of the car is also an important factor. The small car segment is one of the highest selling car segments in India. For small families as well as single professionals, a car belonging to a budget under Rs. 4 lakh is well suited.

Below is a Compilation of Three of the Top Three Budget Cars under Rs. 4 Lakhs

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), India’s largest passenger car company, entered the auto business in 1983 with the Maruti 800. Ever since, the Indo-Japanese joint venture has evolved and various cars have come out of its stable. Maruti 800 has been face lifted several times and the company reincarnated its model in Maruti Alto 800 has been one of India’s largest selling cars. The Alto has been generating huge volumes for the company. The Alto 800 has a three-cylinder, 796 cc engine that produces 47 bhp @ 6000 rpm, mated to a five-speed gear box. The Alto 800 has kept its price at Rs. 2.37 to Rs. 3.49 lakh.

Tata Nano, manufactured and sold by Tata Motors Limited, was essentially the first car of its kind. Nano is supposed to be the cheapest car in the world and is one of the best cars under Rs.4 lakhs price segment. It is small, yet spacious and trendy. Tata Nano is available in petrol and CNG. The petrol engine is a two cylinder 624 cc one which makes a peak power of 38 PS @ 5250 rpm with a maximum torque of 48 Nm @ 2500-3000 rpm. The engine is mated to a four speed manual gear box. The CNG has the same 624 cc engine that generates 33 PS with 45 Nm of torque. The price falls in the range of Rs. 1.41 to 2.58 lakhs. The diesel version of the car is ready to hit floors and is expected to come up in late 2014.

Hyundai Eon is definitely a worthy contender in this budget segment and a car to consider. Launched in 2011, the Eon has a 3 cylinder, 814 cc engine that produces 56 bhp and a torque of 74.56 Nm is what the Eon offers. A 5 speed gear box makes for easy gear shift and the light clutch only helps the driver manage difficult city driving conditions. The Eon works best on the city roads with its easy maneuverability and nimble disposition. With a Rs. 2.83 to 3.83 lacs price tag the Hyundai Eon makes a lot of economic sense and is one of the best budget cars in the under 4 lakh segment.

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