Top 3 Dating Apps To Meet Single Girls And Guys

In these modern times of technology, the idea of dating through social media is deemed possible. Latest statistics report that at least 40 million singles all over the world use online dating platforms to find the potential love of their lives. Also, based on the findings of Juniper Research, the market of mobile dating is projected to be worth $2.3 billion dollars by the year 2016.

Indeed, it is not unheard of, then, to discover that these singles also utilize mobile technology to meet single girls and guys of their fancy.

A benefit of using mobile technology in dating is that an individual can download a dating app for his use. This dating app can then run through an analysis and find singles just around the vicinity of the mobile user. Because of this, the convenience of meeting someone nearby is a definite help.

Because of the popularity of these apps, a search for the best apps is in constant motion. Therefore, without further adieu, here are the top three dating apps for an individual to potentially meet the love of his or her life.

1. OkCupid (Android and iOS)
This app was launched last 2011. The basic information to be noted about it is that OkCupid is free. Also, it has a simple user interface so navigating around it is fairly easy to do. For an individual to be assigned to his “ideal mate”, he should answer about 25 questions about himself. It is a location-based app with a broadcast simulation, so any single guy who, for example, “checks in” on a gym and “broadcasts” that he wants to meet single girls will discover that what he has broadcasted will automatically appear on the phones of single girls who were analyzed to be his ideal lifetime partner. Basically, it is helpful dating application which categorizes geographical information and interests to find the perfect fit.

2. Zoosk (Android, iOS and web-based)
This app is considered to be Apple iTunes store’s top-grossing social networking app. Because of this reason, one can deduce fairly enough that the population using this app is congested. Latest reports have stated that over 50 million singles use Zoosk to meet single guys and single girls using their mobile phones. The functionality of the app is simple – an individual will just need to activate the app’s “radar” to allow it to locate nearby single guys and girls who are available for chatting.

3. MeetMoi (Android and iOS)
MeetMoi is an app designed to follow the course of speed dating. With over three million users, MeetMoi allows single guys and single girls to create profiles and reply to messages. A distinct feature to be noted is its “Intro” feature. In here, is a match is found for a person, that person will be asked if he wants to chat with his match. If he and his match agree, he and his match chat for one hour. The clock literally starts counting down.

Whatever the best app really is, it is worth to be mentioned that several apps are making their name known through continuous innovation, making it exciting and thrilling for the users to meet single girls and guys in both online and offline.

The Writer: Matt Fuller from Girls Meet Guys dating, provides article services for various matchmaking and dating websites in Australia.