Top 3 High-Paying Careers For Communications Majors

Communications majors obtain a degree that is considered very wide and very general. The amount of jobs that could be benefited by a have a degree in communications is very large, as it is also beneficial to a very expansive amount of occupations. A lot of communications jobs are dependent on level of skill that the degree holder possesses. There are fewer entry level jobs available that will take one right into a high paying career when considering the level of expertise desired. With that being said, there are still great, high-paying careers to be pursued by communications majors!

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3. Television Broadcasting
Many individuals obtain a communications degree in anticipation of actually communication information. Television and news broadcasters are a popular route to take. A newscaster generally makes around $50,000 annually. There is an additional factor with television broadcasting, however, that can make the job much, much more worthwhile. There are some news anchors that have worked their way up to fame and end up making millions in a year! Of course, fame doesn’t come easy, and there’s no guarantee of making that much money. Matt Lauer moved up to becoming the host of NBC’s Today Show, but as there’s only one Today Show, there’s only one opening. It is safer to assume a graduate that becomes a television broadcaster will make closer to the $50,000 mark.
2. College Professor of Communications
One of the possibilities following a communications degree is turning around and heading back into the classroom. College professors are known to make around $65,000 in an annual salary. A better communications professor is one who has gone out and experienced other areas of communications expertise, however. College students usually look to their professors for information on where to go upon graduation and what sort of careers to pursue, so usually it is not the best plan to head back into the classroom. However, becoming an assistant college professor can make one around $20,000 to $30,000 a year, so it is not a bad idea to look into part-time teaching for some time.
1. Salesman
Becoming a salesman is what most people will assume a communications major is going to do, since no one is better trained to make sales. Salesmen can make large amounts of money, depending on where they work and how good they are at their job. Salesmen get well into the six digit amounts, though the average is around $85,000 annually. Salesmen usually get bonuses from larger commissions done for a company, so the annual salary isn’t always the end amount for a salesman. With an economy that always needs the best sales pitches and people who are able to communicate effectively, salesmen are currently one of the highest paying careers for individuals with communications degrees.
As previously mentioned, expertise and quality come into play when deciding the amount of money to be made with a communications degree. Similar to jobs in other fields, it takes time for the big numbers to show, but the big numbers are there!
Sam Wilson is a radio broadcaster and guest author at Best Communications Degrees, a site with information and resource guides to the top-ranking communications degree programs.