Top 3 Reasons Why The iPad 2 Is The Best Thing To Hit The Stores All Year

Realistically, observing the profitability and number of users of today’s best gadgets, Android still reaches the market rapidly. Although Android innovations are in the leading position as of the early months of 2012, firm predicts that US iPad2 usage will double in the coming months till 2015. In fact, just in the business sector, Android is now struggling against Apple. Just because of a major concern of the modern consumers on Apple’s gadget price list, the leading edge capability of Apple’s creations to attract the consumers is Android’s biggest hurdle to top the competition.

When iPad was released back in April 2010 which sold out over 300,000 units on the first day and 3 million on merely 3 months, still there are tech masters who saw some flaws with the unit. A few downsides of iPad which garnered criticisms before were its weight and size—it’s not so handy and it is not practical to use during meetings and on travels. There are also some features which consumers demand that are not applicable in iPad. With this, Apple released iPad 2 and of course, the iPad 3rd Gen.

Key Attributes

Before its release last March 2, 2011, the 2nd Generation had already kept the millions of consumers waiting. And upon usage, consumers of iPad 2 were satisfied and gladdened to its upgrades. Below are some counterbalances why iPad 2 can hit the market all year long, and why Android should be keeping its quality not to beaten by the 2nd Gen.

  1. Upgrades. Given the flaws of iPad earlier, those were already non-existent in the iPad 2. From 750g to 608g, surely iPad 2 users will no longer whine to the heaviness of this unit. Plus, iPad2 also had improved in processing power which now uses the new A5 dual-core processor.
  2. Cheaper Price. Ah yes… this was all of us have all been waiting for. While iPad made people splurge for a whopping amount of $650, its 16G successor can only be purchased for $499.
  3. HDMI. Smart phones which are able to connect to a TV means a lot for most us. What more if the unit could provide more pixels higher than HDTV? Sounds amazing? Well, it sure is. Offering of over 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi), what more can you ask for?
  4. Tricks. With Apple’s great innovations on iPad 2, its key attributes can offer more than 50 tricks to help you with your school and business errands.

Consumer’s Demand

There’s no other tablet device that could surpass the uniqueness, innovation, usefulness, and practicality of iPad 2. Not only does it satisfy the consumers’ needs, it also keeps on upgrading itself more and more. Aside from making its users completely entertained with its hundreds and thousands of useful apps, iPad2 also helps them become more productive in business, in work, and in school. Included in their productivity uses are the 2Do, Calendar, Evernote, Email, Books, RSS (Reeder), Photo Capture, Mindmapping (iThoughts HD), File Access (Dropbox and iDisk), and Project Management (Basecamp).

As for the serious gamers, of course iPad 2 will never let you down. Gamers and novice will always have something to enjoy in iPad 2. Since iPad is a mix of everything we want in between from games to business to school to entertainment, and to so much more, iPad 2 users won’t have the reason to complain with the upgrades made by Apple.


Still doubtful whether or not you will purchase iPad 2? Watch closely to this spec showdown between iPad 2 and its rivals.

As for the screen, Motorola Xoom unit is a no-no. While people want something that is practical to use, this unit can only offer 7 inch screen while iPad 2 is a 9.7 inch pad. Images are sharp, even, accurate, and balanced. Although Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab provide sharper images, the fact that it only has 7 inch display could gravely affect the overall viewing experience. The touch screen and the keyboard of iPad 2 also did a great job compared to its predecessors. Plus, gamers can enjoy a clear advantage of this unit as well. Not only does it provide bigger options, it also presents bigger commitments from content makers compared to Samsung, Android, and Motorola. And while Apple was selling this device approximately 367,000 daily, other predecessors can’t even compete with the race.

Given all these stats, records, updates, and comparison, you might probably have now the idea why iPad 2 is (and will be) the best tablet there is to hit the market.

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