Top 4 Cities To Live In For Sober People

We all know that alcohol and alcohol addiction are plaguing our nation. Alcohol is constantly pushed on television and on billboards, and in every restaurant you go to there are advertisements for alcohol. Most social events are centered around alcohol. At many workplaces, the coworkers meet at a bar after work to hang out, grab a drink, and decompress.

But what about those of us who choose not to drink? It may be against our views on health or our religious beliefs. Or addiction may run in our family and we don’t want to risk becoming addicted. Or what about recovering alcoholics? What if they don’t want to be around the temptation of alcohol so much, or they just want to find new ways and opportunities to have a good time, but without having it be centered around alcohol?

Where can we go?

Well, The Fix, a website dedicated completely to addiction and recovery, recently came out with an article about the top 10 “sober cities.” It was a list of the ten best cities in the U.S. to live if you are looking for a place “with its own unique recovery community.”

Here are their top 4 cities to live in for sober people:

1. Boston, Massachusetts

According to The Fix, Boston is the place for a sober individual to live. The interesting thing is, Boston is on the list for one of the “booziest” cities in the country. So how are they also considered the best city to live in if you are trying to live a sober life? Well, just as Boston does a great job with the party scene, it looks like they also have set up a great environment for
those trying to live a sober lifestyle.

They have a very strong Alcoholics Anonymous offering in Boston. Not only do they have over 2,000 AA meetings in the area, but they also participate in a “commitment exchange” program. This is where Alcoholics Anonymous groups exchange members to speak at each others’ meetings. This helps sober individuals “expand their sober networks and to experience a wider range of recovery, all within the comfort of their own home group.”

2. Delray Beach, Florida

Number two on the list was Delray Beach, Florida. In Delray Beach, there are 300 different 12-Step meetings each week, attended by more than 5,000 people. They also boast recovery radio shows, a recovery motorcycle club, and a coffeehouse with its own recovery therapy group. Delray Beach was voted “the country’s largest and most vibrant recovery community” by the New York Times. It’s easy to see why!

3. Houston, Texas

Next up on the list is Houston, Texas. In Houston there are around 2,400 recovery meetings each week, and they have 580 AA groups. Houston is considered the third best city for sober people to live in in the United States. This is at least partly due to the fact that they have several 12-Step clubhouses. These are places where sober individuals can meet together, attend meetings, drink coffee, have dinner, etc with other sober individuals.

4. Los Angeles, California

Next comes Los Angeles, California. You might be surprised to find this one on the list. I mean, it’s L.A. after all. But actually, Los Angeles has a thriving sobriety culture. They have about 3,100 meetings each week. Not only are there a lot of meetings to choose from, but it’s reported that their meetings have a very social atmosphere. Meeting participants generally arrive early to mingle, and then go out to movies or dinner as groups afterwards.

Nicole writes guest articles for Delray Recovery Center. They are located in Delray Beach, Florida (considered the #2 city for sober people to live). Read more about their treatment center.