Top 4 iPad Literature Apps For Doctors

Doctors need to store lots of PDF files, usually entire books. Therefore, they’re going to need safe and secure locations wherein the books won’t be deleted and they should be easily accessible as and when needed. There are plenty of apps created for the iPad which do just that. Let’s take a look at the top 5 iPad literature apps created especially for doctors:

PDF Expert
This is regarded as the best for plenty of reasons – importing and exporting files is really simple and easy. Using this app, you could easily re-arrange pages in a PDF file with ease; unlike many other apps.
It’s easy to sync this app with cloud storage providers; Dropbox being the most common amongst them. Therefore, you would easily be able to manage an entire library of your medical books and journals with ease. There’s no search engine to help you find exactly what you need in seconds, but the overall layout is so well defined that it would never take time to find a single book amongst thousands.
Papers worth Noting
This is the best place to manage your academic PDF papers. It’s systematic and easy to use.  Moreover, it allows wireless syncing of your papers among your different devices. Another added bonus of this app is the fact that it’s got an inbuilt search engine which you could use so as to easily find the paper you’re looking for.
It’s everything a physician would need – easy to use and quick. Downloading your papers from one device to another is really simple and hence you would be able to share your papers with friends and colleagues.
Good Reader
There are plenty of annotation options available such as underlining in various styles, highlighting, making comments on notes, tying text (in the original font), strike throughs, you could make use of arrows and lines and much more.
If you want to draw lines or mark something you could always use your finger or a stylus, this feature makes it one of the top choices of physicians who are in a hurry. In addition to these cool features, it’s also got a state of the art file management system which is not just easy to use and navigate but it also makes it easier to rename and sort files. Just like PDF reader, this app too would be able to handle zipping and unzipping of files.
Dropbox is not exactly a doctor’s app, but it’s surely one of the favorite when it comes to storing medical journals. You could store any file on any device that you sync with and open it form another device – this syncing feature has made it one of the best in cloud storage. Using the Dropbox app, you would not have to worry about retrieving your files as they’re saved everywhere.
The mobile dropbox viewer even though it can check out plenty of different file types, doesn’t have the ability to modify files. But, sharing of files is what it’s famous for.
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