Top 4 iPhone Apps For Internal Medicine Physicians And Residents

A simple glance into the medical app category available at the app store would result in thousands of apps; however, just a few of them are really useful to people focused on the healthcare niche. Moreover, it’s hard to come across really useful apps; because, people upload every possible app they create whether or not it’s useful.
Internal medicine physicians as well as students are really busy and they need the best of apps to help them with their clinic patients and research work. So, let’s take a look at the top iPhone apps for internal medicine available at the apple apps store:
If you’re in search of an answer to a particular question, Wikipanion is the best app! All the useful apps help in some way or the other; but, it’s always been difficult to find an app which offers the right answers to questions raised by internal medicine physicians and students.
If you’re looking for a medicine that performs a specific function, but don’t really know the name. You could look up the characteristics and functions instead. Usually, you’d be lucky and the right medicine would pop up. Once you get the name, you could perform additional research so as to determine whether or not it is what you wanted.

Procedures Consult for internal medicine
Each and every week on the floors as well as in the intensive care units of various clinics; various internal medicine residents have to face problems and tackle them as well; some of the procedures include: arterial line placement, paracentesis, arthrocentesis and many more.
But, the procedures aren’t easy at all and it would be really hard to do it completely on your own. Therefore, Procedures consult is there to help you out. They have plenty of text, pictures as well as videos and therefore they’re one of the best when it comes to assistance in procedural skills.
PubMed Mobile
Every internal medicine resident would have to learn more about their patient’s illnesses in order to treat it well. If they don’t know much about the problem at hand, it could very well lead to therapeutic dilemmas.  PubMed is one of the finest utilities when it comes to finding literature related to specific diseases and conditions.
However, this was for the PC’s; but, now the US National Library of Medicine popularly known as the NLM has come out with the PubMed Mobile app.
MedPage Today
This is a great app if you want to keep in touch with the latest news in the medical field. Both audio as well as video are available on this app and you could subscribe to your favorite channels. The app was designed based on the Pennsylvania School of Medicine and therefore supports the motto – Putting Breaking Medical News into practice!
There are plenty of other apps for all purposes. All you need to do is find the one that offers what you’re in search for. Only buy the pro versions if you’re actually going to use them.
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