Top 4 Tips for Small Businesses to Boost Your Mobile Conversion Rate

Mobile Conversion Rate

We are living in an age of digitization. From gadgets to Alexa, everyone is busy either with their phones or talking to strangers on their laptops. Mostly, people use a mobile app for everything. Whether it’s watching Netflix or buying stuff online, people feel safer and more convenient to do everything right from their smartphones.

Mostly, marketers tend to ignore the mobile marketing part. Mobile is a critical part of your overall business strategy.

We know that more than 60% of the purchase decisions are now being done on a mobile phone.

More and more people are using a mobile device to buy things, which is why small business owners need to get a grip on mobile app marketing strategy and get more customers to convert.

Not using mobile is something a brand cannot afford to do in this age of neck-down generation. There is a tough competition out there and in order to beat the competition, it is important that you use mobile app tips to level-up your game.

If you are a brand that just started its journey, then this blog is for you. You can improve your mobile app marketing strategy with these easy-to-apply conversion techniques that will grab customers for you and make them buy things without making much effort.

  1. Be Fast or End last

With an attention span of less than a goldfish, it is difficult for people to stay online and wait for things to happen. People crave for simplicity. If they get stuck in your mobile app, they will simply move on to the next best app.

Isn’t it frustrating to wait for 20 seconds for the shopping cart page to load, or even 15 seconds for the filter to load and give results?

If there is a mere delay of 5 seconds, 40% of the people will not inform you and move to the next app and place their order there.

For mobile users, render start time (RST) is something that denotes how much delay a mobile is creating. With a good RST, you’ll be able to get more than 50% engagement, which means there will be a straight improvement in your mobile conversion rate.

That’s why people demand apps that can load fast. If you refer to a professional New York mobile app development company, you’ll notice that mobile app development rates are quite high than usual.

Here are some tips you can follow to make things as smooth as possible:

  • Go for a mobile-optimized theme.
  • A caching plugin might help.
  • Optimize images.
  • Make it easy for users’ visitors to use your app.

The goal of your mobile app must be to make it as easy as possible for mobile users to achieve what they want fast. You cannot afford the visitor to wait or get stuck at any point. Because if that happens, this is where the user will get away from your app.

Don’t let the visitors wait for things. Tell them what to do in every step. If you make the process easy and with simple usability, it’s a sure-shot success for the brand.

Highlight the core elements that you want users to see. Make the CTAs as clear as possible. No need to be fancy with fonts when using them on CTA. The goal of CTA is to grab attention of the user and make them act on something. If you are able to do this, your job is done.

  1. Make Users Trust you

Trust is the only good thing that can build a strong bond between you and the visitor. You must show the customer that you trust him.

Building trust for mobile users is similar to desktop users.

You need to use social proof to make the customers trust you. When visitors see that other people are already using your app, it will leave a good impression on them, and they might use the app or avail your service.

And when this happens, you must give them contact details with which they can ask anything before placing order. If there are queries, you need to answer them asap. This builds immense trust among users, and they’ll turn into customers.

  1. Leverage Push Notifications

Of course, when we talk about mobile, how can you forget push notifications. These are not just any notifications. When used smartly, these push notifications can benefit your brand big time.

From geo-marketing to instant discounts, you can leverage push notifications to do a variety of things.

People might ignore your SMS message, but when you send a push notification, they will notice, and if there is something good, they might get straight to the shopping cart page.

Almost everyone finds push notification as something useful. And it is in that where people engage more and act more.

  1. Use Personalized Marketing

Personalization is all about playing the right cards with your customers. Surely, visitors will give more value if you provide them with timely offers that are based upon their data.

As mentioned earlier, geo-marketing is something that makes the user fall in love with the brand. Everyone loves something personal to them.

The users of today are smart. They won’t fall for some general offers. You need to give them a reason to develop a personal bond with you. And when this happens, Customers will love to do business with you.


Currently, there is a massive demand for mobile apps in the market. Everywhere you go, you can see a mobile app for everything. Business owners must look into the increasing demand for mobile apps and make the necessary changes that can help them convert more visitors.

These are some of the tips that can help you drive more downloads or boost your mobile app conversion without making you spend even a dime from your pocket.

If you need more tips, you can always try your competitor app and see what strategies they are using that is helping them with the mobile app.

By Aaron S

Aaron Starc is a strategist & writer at Branex & Cactac Studios. She is learning photography, and she likes to help people with whatever she can. She hopes to leave her mark on the digital landscape. She tweets at @ErinStarc87