Top 4 Tips To Help You Move With Your Children

There is no denying the fact that relocation can be difficult. When you add children to the mix, things can get a whole lot more complicated. It can be hard to uproot your family and go someplace new, but if dealt with properly, it can be done.
Here are four helpful tips for moving with kids in tow.

1) Be Upfront About What’s Going On
As soon as you know you are all going to be hitting the road together, you should tell your children. Giving them time to process this information can make it easier to deal with.
One way to broach the subject is to discuss it over dinner. Perhaps you could get pizza or another special treat that they enjoy eating, because it may put them in a good frame of mind.
Make sure everyone is present when you discuss what is happening, and ask each person for his or her feelings on the subject. Answer any questions that may pop up, even if they are difficult.
It can also help to relate to your kids by discussing a time you moved and what you remember about the experience.
2) Get Them Excited For New Opportunities
The first reaction many children have to the idea of moving can be grief or anger.
However, reminding your child that there are some benefits to the scenario might be helpful in order for them to see things differently.
One thing that you can do to lighten the mood is to discuss your child’s new room (if applicable). Perhaps you could give him/her free rein of the space to choose paint colors, wallpaper and/or other decor options.
Another thing you could do is to research and visit your future home together, if possible. Check out your new abode, visit local libraries and do other things to cultivate a positive outlook.
3) Ask for Input with Task Lists
Asking children to create a moving list with you can make them feel involved and thus more in control of the circumstances.
You can include things like clearing out unwanted belongings, shopping for packing supplies and bidding farewell to local friends, family and favorite spots together on your list.
4) Hire Babysitters if Necessary
If your children are very small, they may not be asking the questions that older kids do prior to a move.
Nevertheless, you may need to make some preparations with babysitters or family members to watch young ones during the process. It may be easier to get things in and out of your old and new homes when those under age five are being taken care of elsewhere.
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