Top 4 Types Of Green Technology

The world is advancing at such an incredible rate that it’s often difficult to keep up. New technology is emerging all the time and that technology is getting greener and greener by the year. It is of utmost importance, as we all know, that we look after the rock on which we live, so green technology is ever on the rise to safeguard our future. Below is a look at the four most prominent types of green technology in our world.

Biomass Boilers
Biomass technology utilises fuel from various organic materials collected over a number of decades to create power. It is a renewable energy source because plants absorb the carbon that is emitted from the burnt biomass fuel. It’s a great way to produce heat for your home through natural waste.
Wind Turbines
Wind turbines are another form of green technology that has been around for a while. Some say that such turbines spoil coastal and countryside views, but not many can argue with the environmental benefits of the power they produce from a natural source like the wind.
Despite the fact that many are against the wind turbines the benefits of them are much greater than the down falls and as such they should be something that we all embrace as we change the planet to a greener one.
Hydro-electric Power
This type of green technology is available to people that live beside or near streams or have a river running down their hilly land and is another brilliantly innovative way to generate power from nature. The potential power of a stream or river needs to be tested before a hydro-electric system is installed. If a stream is powerful enough, there may be no need for any other type of power generation at home.
Solar Power
This is a kind of technology that has been around for many years, but it is only recently becoming a widespread phenomenon. More and more solar panels from companies like Dulas are appearing on the roofs of houses around the world and government schemes are in place to help even more people in this pursuit.
The photovoltaic cells in the panels absorb the light from the sun to create energy to warm our homes. This form of technology is emission and noise free and it eventually starts to pay for itself, so it is the ideal form of green technology for the home.
All of the energy created by greener technologies can be stored or used in various different locations.
This article was written but Dulas the green technologies company. They have used their knowledge on green power to write this article.