Top 5 Amazing Android Applications To Quench Your Blogging Needs

Want to stay connected to your blog right from your android phone? Yes you can, the advent of blogging android apps has suppressed the need for a computer or laptop to blog. The blogging apps allows you to use your blog right from your android phone. If you do a Google search, you may be amazed to see the huge list of android apps for bloggers. However, not every app that is listed on Google page can be of great use to you. Take a look at these 5 amazing android apps that can quench your blogging needs.

1. Tumblr

This app is meant for Tumblelog bloggers. If you wish to share posts, photographs, video links and quotes on your Tumblelog, this app will help you get it done at the click of the button. Installing the Tumblr app is all that you need to do to access and use Tumblelog from your android phone.

2. WordPress

This is a must-have app for WordPress Bloggers. It meets all your blogging needs and helps you write lengthier blog posts with ease. This incredible app also allows you to do anything and everything that you wish to do on your blog. For instance, you can create posts, edit posts and comments, delete posts and comments, view blog statistics on your WordPress Blog, etc.

3. LiveJournal

Accessing your LiveJournal can be a lot easier, if you have this app in your phone. This app provides a better view of your journal and lets you create and manage all your journal entries. It doesn’t limit you to post text alone. You can also create polls, post videos, photographs and do much more on your Journal with this great app. Another remarkable feature of LiveJournal is that it allows you to create and save drafts so that you can publish it any time in the future.

4. Posterous Spaces

Upload multiple images, create spaces, share videos and post text on Posterous with this unique plugin. This app also lets you create space for several groups so that you can have other users to contribute to your blog. The Posterous Spaces also provides you with sharing privileges. You can block/allow any user from viewing your space.

5. Blogger-droid

Blogger droid is similar to its Blogger counterpart since it serves the same purpose. Some of the key features of Blogger-droid include uploading pictures, creating and editing blog posts, pre-defining the date of publishing of posts, queue up posts and publish it on the needed date and time.

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