Top 5 Complaint Websites

Back in the days without the Internet, consumers had a very different outlet for voicing their opinions or complaints. A letter to the Better Business Bureau or company where the product was purchased would often go unnoticed. However, consumers are able to publicly express their opinions around the world today, and there are numerous websites where the complaints can be heard. The following are the top five websites for consumers to share their comments firsthand.

1. Pissed Consumer
At Pissed Consumer, you will find a customer review website where visitors can praise, review or complain about a product or service. The site is informative and very simple to use. It also has some great information about a variety of industries, and the pros and cons of the various companies. Users can research the numerous companies and decide if they would like to work with the business. It’s also a great site where consumers can get notified about certain scams and dishonest companies.

2. Gripevine
Gripevine is an instrumental complaint website that allows the consumer the option to connect directly with the disputed company on neutral ground to resolve complaints. You can even share your complaints with friends, family and other followers. Gripevine provides the tools to get both the customer and the business together to work out their differences and find a suitable resolution for all parties involved. Gripevine has an outlet for customers to publicize their tale, especially if they aren’t getting anywhere with the company. They notify the business of the problem and give them the option to set things right.

3. hosts a database made up of firsthand experiences that customer’s may have had with a specific service or product. The information is compiled and publicly published onto the website for other consumers. This helps customers learn firsthand about their experiences both good and bad. The company aids customers in making well-informed decisions before they purchase a product. It’s also a great place for consumers to come and get better customer service from a business. They are also an avenue for helping a company improve their products and services.

4. Consumer Affairs
When you purchase a product or service, you trust that the company you bought the item from is trustworthy and reliable. Not all companies are reputable however, and you may find yourself with a defective product or fraudulent services. Consumer affairs organizations help the customer file the necessary complaints, and they can help you take legal action. The company is here to protect the consumer’s rights and find a resolution to your problem.

5. ShamScam
ShamScam is a dynamic website that provides an outlet for exposing scams and fraudulent products and services. The site was created and started by a bunch of fed up consumers as a way for customers to share their experiences in a safe environment. Their main goal is to bring together the company and consumer to resolve their issues amiably before the issue is listed onto their site. Once the complaint is submitted, it’s a permanent fixture and can be viewed worldwide.

The digital age has allowed the consumer more power to get their complaints heard. Consumer complaint websites offer a public avenue where customers and businesses can come together to find the perfect outcome to their problems.

Katie Hewatt is a consumer advocate and contributing author for Gripevine, a consumer complaint website where customers and businesses can come together to work out their differences. Gripevine allows consumers to post a complaint on their website. A business can view complaints customers have filed against them on Gripevine and the business can chose to resolve complaints by offering the customer a settlement or refund.