Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

1. September 11th 
Conspiracy theories about September 11th, 2001 have rose to the top of all conspiracies with help of the internet. 9/11 conspiracy theories have reached this apex for one reason, the evidence supporting them is undeniably significant, even more significant than the classic conspiracies of Roswell, JFK, or the Illuminati. Conspiracy theorists hypothesize everything from a the government turning a blind eye to warning signs to a complete CIA planning and followthrough with the events of 9/11.

Main points of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job:

  • Improbability of manned a plane hitting the Pentagon
  • The impossible collapse of the Twin Towers and the WTC-7 tower in the fashion that they did
  • The complete lack of evidence that connects Osama Bin Laden or Al-qaeda to the attacks besides confessions acquired through torture
  • Statements from witnesses including firemen, police officers, and office workers inside the buildings that heard explosions from the bottom of the building before and after planes struck the building.
  • Video evidence and eyewitness accounts that the planes were not commercial airliners
  • Improbability that NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) failed in 4 cases in one day when previously having a 100% success rate.

2. The Assassination of JFK
A close second to 9/11 conspiracy theories, the JFK assassination is one of the most widely known and probable conspiracy theories around. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas while riding down the street in a motorcade.The government and media quickly pointed their finger at Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman who acted alone and killed JFK because of his opposing political views and deranged mind.
It’s obvious why this explanation was met with a lot of skepticism and doubt by many people worldwide. Although it is hard to gather any evidence of another shooter other than Oswald there are many questionable factors in the assassination. The very fact that in order for one man to successfully snipe the President in a moving vehicle with two kill shots is a feat that required expert marksmanship or a stroke of extreme luck provides doubt enough for the lone gunman theory. Another fact that brings doubt to the official report is the apparent motives of the CIA and mafia. JFK openly vowed to destroy the CIA and organized crime in the United States, making him an evident target in the sites of both. The suspiciousness of the assassination climaxed when Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner with known affiliation to the mob.
3. Illuminati and the New World Order
The Illuminati conspiracy theory claims that a small group of people hold all the power in the world and their whole goal is to instate a single government to rule the world. Theories about the Illuminati range from a group of devil worshippers with connections to the Free Masons to theories of an alien-reptilian-shapeshifter race. Conspiracy theorists claim that these individuals control most of the celebrities, high governmental positions, banks, and consequently all of the money in the United States and use their power to control the minds of the masses. Common symbols in music videos and governmental design such as the all-seeing eye, the pyramid, Egyptian gods, and satanic symbols are supposed signs of the Illuminati. These symbols are found in many modern day music videos and in the Great Seal of the United States which is on every dollar bill.
4. Faked Moon Landings
Many conspiracy theories surround the NASA moon landings on July 20, 1969. The race to the moon between America and Russia gave the United States more than enough motive to deceive the public into believing in the moon landings, but there is also a good amount of evidence to back up conspiracy theorist claims.
People who believe NASA faked the moon landing site evidence in the photographs, videos, and radio transmissions during the supposed journey. There are countless anomalies in the photo and video evidence that are sited by conspiracy theorists. Many of these anomalies have been explained and reproduced but there are still some questions to be answered on the subject.
5.Roswell, Aliens, and Area-51
On July 7, 1947 something crashed in the New Mexico desert in the middle of a then unknown town, Roswell. The first official report that came out from the government stated that a “flying saucer or disk” was what crashed in the desert. This immediately sparked media coverage and many eyewitness reports that claim a blazing craft crossed the sky shortly before it crashed. The conspiracy theory behind Roswell began growing when the US military repeatedly changed its story multiple times and changing the “saucer” to a “balloon”.
The Roswell conspiracy sparked a large number of conspiracies against the US Government and their knowledge of extra-terrestrials. The most notable among these theories is that the secret military base in the Nevada desert, code name Area-51, houses aliens and alien spacecraft. Evidence for these claims primarily stems from testimonials of former workers at Area-51 and eyewitness reports of UFOs around the area. The US government still claims to have no evidence of extra-terrestrials and that Area-51 is just an Air Force base.
Written By: Jessica Lemongruber – Conspiracy Theorist, College Student, and Writer for