Top 5 European Countries For Summer Vacations

Europe is home to an assortment of fantastic locations for summer vacation. Much of the continent is cooler than America during the summer months, which is why people prefer spending time there than they do in the U.S. If you are planning a summer vacation in Europe, you may want to travel to one of the following locations. Here are the top five European countries for summer vacations.

1 – Iceland

Iceland is by far the best place to stay over the summer because the temperatures are still pleasant throughout the day. This country has an incredibly rich heritage, and it features a range of stunning views to take in. You could swim in a geothermal pool, take pictures by a waterfall, and pet the fluffiest horse you have ever seen all within the same day. There is no better country for summer vacation.

2 – Switzerland

In America, we know the Swiss for their cheese and chocolate, but this country has a lot more to offer. It is sprinkled with small towns and quaint cottages, but it still has a thriving night life for active tourists. The views here are just as incredibly as the ones in Iceland, but the accommodations are a little more expensive. That’s just something to keep in mind.

3 – Germany

Germany is obviously a great place to go for beer, but it also offers an assortment of activities for anyone to try. You don’t have to wear lederhosen just to feel at home here. You can dress in normal clothing and stay in a cute bed and breakfast during your stay. Germany is more congested than some other countries, and it is even more expensive than Switzerland. You better save up for this one.

4 – Ireland

Ireland has mild weather during the summer months, and it still has easy access to most European countries. You won’t have to worry about speaking a foreign language here because everyone speaks English. You just have to worry about understanding the accent. If you can get past that though, you can enjoy this rich green country for the beauty that it really is.

5 – England

Jolly old England is a great place to visit for fashion, food, and sophisticated entertainment. You could simply use it as a place to stay while you travel though other countries, or you could use it as a chance to learn more about history. The prices here are going to be more expensive than they are back home, but you just have to expect that on vacation. Give this or one of the other countries a try, and you’ll be enjoying your vacation in no time.

About the Author: Gillian Bolter is a college student that travels to Europe every year for summer vacation, and she particularly likes staying in Iceland. If you want to enjoy a trip like hers, check out the Iceland Air Hotels available to you.

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  1. Gillian, I forgot how much fun Ireland is! Definitely a wonderful place to visit, especially during the summer. The climate is excellent over there. The air is always fresh and the nature is absolutely amazing! There are plenty of historic building and natural parks to keep you busy. And then there is of course the wonderful hospitality of the Irish people and their joy of always having fun!

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