Top 5 Food Trucks In Boston

There are a lot of great traditional dining options in Boston. Recently Boston has seen a resurgence of its once famous food trucks. Food trucks offer a cool dining experience and good food for a low price. Here is a list of some of the best trucks serving up food all over the city.

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Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

You might recognize this bright yellow truck from their appearance on the Food Network’s show “The Great Food Truck Race”. These die-hard Red Sox fans serve up a great variety of grilled cheese sandwiches. Roxy’s serves a variety of “upscale” grilled cheese sandwiches. From the Brie melt that features French Brie cheese and balsamic figs, to the handcut truffle fries, Roxy’s has a kicked up grilled cheese for everyone.

Bon Me Truck

Boston’s other yellow food truck serves Vietnamese cuisine. From surprisingly light sandwiches to their famous rice and noodle bowls, the Bon Me Truck serves top-notch Asian-inspired food. They also offer Vietnamese themed drinks including Thai-basil limeade. If you are new to Vietnamese cooking or have yet to try it, the mild Vietnamese cuisine of the Bon Me Truck makes for a great first impression.


Momogoose offers light Asian style fare that is much better than Asian fast food. One of their most popular dishes is the gu nuong, a Vietnamese grilled lemongrass chicken.  As its name suggests, the service here is speedy and impeccable. They turn out food at a rate faster than most food trucks.

Lefty’s Silver Cart

This vegetarian sandwich cart will make even the staunchest meat lover look at vegetarian cuisine differently. Try the 40 thieves sandwich, a Middle Eastern inspired sandwich featuring goat cheese, crunchy cole slaw, and mix za’atar on top of a vegie burger. Another great offering from Lefty’s is the Granny-B-Good sandwich with green apple and melted cheddar served on sourdough.

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Clover Food Truck

Clover is my personal favorite food truck in Boston. From the fresh cut rosemary French fries to their famous chickpea fritter sandwich, you can smell Clover from miles away. Clover offers breakfast, lunch and dinner most days of the week. Among their breakfast specialties are the buttery popover and their brewed-to-order coffee.

Food trucks can be a quick and inexpensive way to experience truly great food and breakout of your normal workday lunch routine. Most food trucks offer different items each day and rotate locations with some frequency. So be on the lookout for one of these trucks, you won’t regret it.

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