Top-5 Hot Spots To Party In San Francisco

Students need to party. That’s a known fact, probably as old as school itself. After all the effort you put in attending classes, studying and completing your coursework you definitely need to chill. It’s a petty the weekend comes only once a week and lasts only two days and nights, so you have to make the most out them. Luckily, San Francisco has some of the best bars, clubs or venues students can party until the sun comes up. The nightlife here is as varied and diverse as its inhabitants, and as the city itself. Here is the best party guide you can use to make sure you reach the coolest bars and nightspots in San Francisco.

500 Club

500 Club is one of those places you can go to blow off some steam. This is one of the oldest places in the neighborhood and it’s packed with beautiful, eccentric people that have only one thing in their mind: to have a blast. Students can enjoy their cheap drinks and tasty food while getting cozy in their booth. The music is live, so that’s a major advantage, the bar food is just amazing and the Bender’s whiskey is a must try. There’s also an outside patio for the spring – summer – autumn season. This is a great place to bring your date, as the food and drinks are surprisingly tasty.


Mighty is the place to be for all of you that are looking for fun through all of the night. In this club you can party in the streets, thanks to their sophisticated backyard. The special parties they throw for special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve, are something completely special. This well renowned nightclub has already won several awards. It is always teeming with students, so go prepared to have a wild time. The venue has a lovely twisted urban style, combining wood, brick and leather, something unique you’re guaranteed to love.


The Mezzanine is a favorite among students. With a crazy cool feel, a huge dance floor and a sound system that constantly plays electronica, it’s no wonder it’s full with students. The live music shows bring out some of the most talented artists. These shows cover all genres, from R&B to Indie rock.

The Riptide

The Riptide is an old favorite of all those students that want to chill. With the look of a small town lodge, the venue has rustic brick flooring, a flashy fireplace and high ceilings. This is the perfect venue to hang out in when you want to have a conversation. They host both a karaoke and a game night.

Public Works

If you’re into the international underground trend, then Public Works is the place for you. The sound system in this joint is a piece of art, and the dancefloor is very large. The bartenders will hook you up with great cocktails, either with alcohol or without. The upstairs loft is specially designed to host a close party, so private events are most welcome. This venue benefits from world renowned DJ’s, so every week brings something new.

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