Top 5 Light Beers

Summer is a time for celebrating. With warm summer nights, barbeques, vacations, and rendezvous, beer is often the drink of choice during the summer. Unfortunately, drinking a lot of beer adds a lot of calories to your diet. Regular beer is extremely high in calories, and putting back a few to relax at your next party might set you back in your diet. By trying the following low calorie beers, you can enjoy the party without going overboard.

1) MGD 64-
MGD 64 is an extremely low calorie beer. It may not have a particularly strong beer taste, but it is great for the social drinker who is watching their calories. An MGD 64 or two will definitely not ruin your diet, but will fit nicely in your hand when at the bar or barbeque.
2) Busch Light-
If you are looking for the buzz of a regular beer without the calories, chug down a Busch Light. Regular Busch is nearly three times more caloric than Busch Light, yet Busch Light has nearly the same alcohol content. Put back a few Busch Lights, and you’ll not only save yourself a ton of extra calories, but you’ll also be the life of the party.
3) Michelob Ultra-
When one thinks of a high end light beer with great taste and smooth finish, Michelob Ultra is sure to come to mind. At only 95 calories a bottle, this beer not only tastes great, but is easy on your waste line.
4) Miller Lite-
Miller Lite is the original lite beer. The Miller company was the first to manufacture and sell lite and diet beers for mass consumption. This heritage of being the first gives it a wide fan base. Many people love the taste and finish of Miller Lite. If you are throwing a barbeque, investing in a case of Miller Lite is sure to keep everyone happy.
5) Bud Light Lime- 
Bud Light Lime has reasonable low calories, just 116 for a 12 oz. bottle. The best part about Bud Light Lime is the added lime taste. It makes the light beer much smoother and more enjoyable. Bud Light Lime is an excellent way to enjoy a party without splurging on calories.
Beer is everyone’s favorite summer time drink. With so many social gatherings, it can seem impossible to stay on a diet and eat and drink well with all of the opportunities to drink beer. By substituting your regular beer for one of these low calories alternatives, you can stay on your diet and drink to your heart’s content.
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