Top 5 Magical Landmarks To Visit In Crete

Historical Significance

In terms of history and culture, a holiday to Crete arguably has more to offer than all of the other Greek Islands, and perhaps even the mainland itself.

We looked at five of the most magical tourist landmarks that Crete has to offer, and why a tourist should be sure to fit them in during their holiday.

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is situated in the west of the island, a tranquil outpost away from the main tourist haunts in Crete. The gorge itself involves a walk between sheer cliff faces and through dense woodland. Upon reaching the foot of the Samaria Gorge, there is a beautiful ancient church for tourists to explore.

Be sure to take plenty of refreshments, however, because as beautiful as this place is, walking through it is not easy!


In the opposite direction, Spinalonga Island is the home of what was once a leper colony. Now abandoned, there are many tourist boat trips to the island organised throughout the summer months, allowing tourists to soak up some of the rich history of what was once here.


The Palace of Knossos is situated just outside of Heraklion, the main city and administrative capital of Crete. This can be taken in as part of a historical tour of the ancient city, but is undoubtedly best when treated as a standalone adventure for which an entire day must surely be dedicated.

Knossos is one of the most historical sites in the whole of Greece, featuring temples, theatres, and the legendary labyrinth of the minotaur.

Mount Ida

The highest point on the island of Crete, Mount Ida is also one of the most historically significant landmarks. The mountain is also the site of the Idaean cave where, according to Greek mythology, Zeus was born. Many artefacts from ancient times have been discovered around Mount Ida and the Idaean cave, with many ancient ruins still standing today.

This is also the home of the observatory for the University of Crete.


The tiny village of Loutro is in close proximity to the Samaria Gorge, so it is definitely worth building both landmarks into one day trip. This charming village is built on a secluded hillside, has no roads, and is only reachable via a ferry trip from a nearby port.

Experience the rich, diverse history that Crete has to offer during your summer holiday, and build memories that will last a lifetime.

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