Top 5 Most Popular International Airports In India

Top 5 Most Popular International Airports In India

The mode of transportation was on a nonstop advancement from wheels to engine, to steam motors until flights. Planes hit the benchmark and it has been the best thing from that point onward. The main development that has occurred in a previous couple of decades is the update of the current method of transport. This article discusses top international airports in India.

India’s aviation scene has seen nothing but growth in the last few years. There were days when Air India and Indian airlines were the only options available, but things have changed now. With the rise of various private airlines offering flight ticket at very cheap rates, there is no looking back. India has a sum of 17 international and numerous domestic airports spread across the country. Specified underneath are the rundown of a portion of the best global air terminals in India today.

Bengaluru International Airport (Bangalore)

The Bengaluru International Airport is effortlessly one of the greatest, best kept up and one of the most beautiful airport in India. A previous beneficiary of the best airport in India in 2011, when the new airplane terminal had recently begun, today, after 5 years, the airport has developed into this lovely air terminal at standard with any significant urban areas air terminal anyplace on the planet.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai)

The Mumbai plane terminal is second busiest airport in India with a broad number of travellers arriving and going once a day. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the another standard area point to India with five working terminals.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi)

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the fourth best airport on the planet and is a champion amongst the busiest airport. The primary air terminal in India which is the fundamental spot vacationers first land to India, this airplane terminal takes into account the best urban communities everywhere throughout the world furthermore the littlest urban areas in India.

Dabolim International Airport (Goa)

The Goa International Airport is the focal point of International voyagers destination. It a champion amongst the busiest airports in the country particularly amid the crest occasion seasons. Dabolim International Airport is discovered 30 km from the capital city Panaji.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata)

The Kolkata International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the country and is the fundamental passage to the excellent upper east India. All flights that are headed to one of the domestic airports in the northeastern region arrive at Kolkata first for a short layover before reaching its final destination. It is also the best place to head on to nearby international destinations like Thailand or Myanmar.

Choose one of these beautiful airports for your trip to India and begin your tour of India on a high note!