Top 5 Qualities Of A Great Lawyer

Top 5 Qualities Of A Great Lawyer

Whether you’ve just begun your search for a reputable lawyer or are counting the days, hiring a lawyer for any reason is a big step that should be calculated well.

Finding a reliable law firm in London can be difficult. With the thousands of lawyers out there and just as many reviews, here are the top five qualities that you should look for in a reputable lawyer.

1.Talent in Negotiating : Perhaps the most important out of any trait is your lawyer’s skill in negotiating. This will give you the most cost value and help in leaving all parties feeling as though a reasonable outcome was achieved. This doesn’t mean that he or she will get you less than what you are seeking; rather, that you receive a fair outcome that you feel good about. This particularly refers to an outcome that is workable and has staying power. Great lawyers are masters of selectivity and leveraging towards a resolution. When a lawyer is not a good negotiator, outcomes are much less favourable and disputes cost more. The only issue is that this skill is very hard to identify unless you have past experience with the lawyer but can be best met through speaking to referrals.

2.Proper Paper Skills :  Great lawyers draft motions, briefs, and correspondences that are well written and well cited. Typos should not exist and they should maintain a strong sense of decorum unless the situation warrants that it helpful to do otherwise. All emails should be thorough and well thought out, avoiding common grammar issues. Things should be completed on time and he or she should be familiar with using persuasive tactics and storytelling to maximise their effectiveness. Of course, he or she should have a strong understanding of the law, but that should be a given.

3.Great Presentation : Great lawyers should have a confident and persuasive presentation and demeanour. They should be familiar with the latest way of thinking, comfortable, and open to good ideas from litigation consultants. They should be able to respond well both when they have had ample time to prepare as well as spontaneously.

4.Specified Experience : Similarly to hiring for a job, you want to work with someone who is well versed in your area and has handled similar problems many times before. Although each issue is inherently unique, it’s a good idea to balance negotiation skills with experience on a particular subject.

5.Reasonable Accessibility : Good lawyers will always make themselves available to you. You should not have to wait an unreasonable amount of time to get a response or beg them to talk with you. Comparably, this doesn’t mean that you should be high-maintenance; rather, it means that their availability should vary proportionally to the seriousness of your reason for speaking.

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