Top 5 Reasons It Might Be Time To Change Your Domain Host

This post lists the top five reasons why website owners and webmasters might seek to change the domain host for a particular website.

Website Worries

Some of us have websites simply for pleasure purposes, while for others it is a business commitment. Regardless of the reasons, it is important that a website runs smoothly both for ourselves and those who are visiting our site. In an ideal world, we would all run our websites and not even be aware that our domain host provider even exists.

Of course, the online world is anything but ideal, although admittedly some hosting services are better than others. We put together this list of indicators that might tell you it is time to change your domain host.

Constant Crashing

Probably the biggest frustration is a site that crashes a lot. Especially if you are trying to run an e-commerce business that your “customers” can never get to! While this may be down to your choice of server, it could also be due to issues caused by your domain host. If your current host is not always open and honest with the reasons for your site difficulties, look to move on.

Problems Persist

Okay, so we accept that once in a while things might go wrong, that’s just life, isn’t it? But what about when you have the same problem, over, and over, and over again, and it is either not fixed at all, or resolved for 12 hours before cropping up again? That is taking advantage of your good nature and understanding attitude!
One other common occurrence is for a domain host to tell you they know what the issue is, then fail to deal with it. You know what to do.

Poor Service

Once you are locked into a 12-month agreement, or in some cases even longer, some web domain hosts like to just pretend you don’t exist. Funny how once you have paid you never get those pop-ups saying “there is someone online ready to discuss your needs now” isn’t it?
If you are being continually fobbed off, take your business elsewhere at the earliest opportunity.

Forever Loading

If the website doesn’t crash but takes forever to load then your frustrations will again be high. Long load times are understandable if you have loaded your site with other applications, however if you have a basic five page site, or even a simple blog with a few photos, that is taking minutes to load, you have a serious problem.

Automated Calling

Your site either takes a long time load, or crashes. You emailed someone with a problem and were told they were looking into it, so now you call them. However, you are actually calling an automated service, asking you what the problem is, before thanking you for your call then hanging up.
If this, or any of these problems sound even remotely familiar, it is time to change your domain host provider.
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