Top 5 Reasons People Move To San Diego

People don’t pack up everything they own and move to San Diego for the affordable housing or plentiful jobs, so why do they leave home to live in America’s seventh largest city? In a recent census of San Diego County residents here are the top five reasons new residents decided to call San Diego their new home.

1 – The weather. With an average of one hundred and fourteen sunny days a year, temperatures that rarely soar over one hundred degrees and dip below forty degrees San Diego’s semi arid, low humidity  Mediterranean like climate is perfect for almost every kinds of sport and outdoor activity. With a yearly accumulation of rain that averages just twelve inches and storms that don’t last more than a day or two,  the weather is one of the things that people who have lived in other parts of the country cite as their number one reason for moving to San Diego

2 – Military. San Diego is host to the largest military fleet in the world. Home to more than sixty warships and one hundred and twenty naval commands and host to more than thirty five thousand sailors, soldiers, and marines. Over fifteen thousand businesses in San Diego rely on the defense department industry as their sole source customer. A large part of this is the ship building yards in San Diego which are the most extensive naval shipyards on the entire west coast.

3 – College. Did you know there are more than twenty three colleges and universities in San Diego? In addition to these there are more than four hundred trade schools. This translates into more than four hundred thousand people studying something at an official school either part time or full time. If you have to do the time you might as well pick where you do it and what young person could resist San Diego? Many move to San Diego just for this reason and intend to move back home when finishing school. If you’ve ever spent any time in a cold weather climate you know how hard it is to trade southern California weather and move back anything else. That would explain the two week vacation I took in San Diego that’s now approaching twenty years.

4 – Work (Also see number 2). With all of the military presence in San Diego you know they’re going to need a lot of cans of beans. The biggest concentration of Department of defense contractor related business is in San Diego. People in this industry pack up and move here from every state in the country. Their workforce is so varied that its demographics mimic that of the military. Anyone who knows anything about the military knows how much it hates to stay in one place. Just as the military deploys so do many of its contractors making San Diego a city in constant transition as people move in and out.

5 – Lifestyle Attraction. Parks, beaches, mountains, deserts, downtown. How many more do you need to hear before you move here to San Diego? All of these are accessible 365 days a year (plan carefully for the desert during the summer months. Quality of individual life makes this the number five reason that people move.

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