Top 5 Skiing Destinations For Honeymoons

Top 5 Skiing Destinations for Honeymoons
If you and your significant other appreciate adventure and love winter, there could be no better honeymoon destination than a ski resort. Adventurous, fun, and romantic, a skiing holiday could make for the perfect honeymoon. Here, we’ll take a look at the top five skiing destinations for honeymoons in Europe, Canada and USA:

1. Laax, Switzerland
This tiny Swiss town nestled in the alps is the perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts and honeymooning couples. Quiet and peaceful, Laax is famous throughout Europe for its gorgeous mountain vistas and ample skiing opportunities. Book a chalet in one of the many ski resorts around this Swiss hamlet (with a population of just over a thousand), or go modern at the popular Rocksresort.
2. Seefeld, Austria
Seefeld in Austria is more crowded than the other skiing destinations on this list, but also a lot more exciting. One of Europe’s most popular skiing destinations, Seefeld is especially famous for cross-country skiing. The town has a tiny population of 3,124, but houses more than a million people each year who descend upon Seefeld for its awesome skiing and mountain vistas.
3. Banff, Alberta, Canada
Over 250 runs that offer something for everyone make Banff one of the world’s favorite skiing destinations. Located in the Banff National Park in the wilderness of Alberta, Banff is a city built for skiers. Alberta’s Rocky Mountains provide a picturesque backdrop and offer ample skiing opportunities, and the Banff National Park is a perennial draw for hikers and campers. Not to mention, there are also many hot springs in the area, which draw a lot of honeymooning couples.
4. Megeve, France
Megeve is the first purpose-built ski town in the French Alps. Located near the towering presence of Mont Blanc, Megeve draws thousands of tourists and ski enthusiasts from around the world, who come here for the dozens of ski runs, for the peace of the Alps, and for the beauty of the mountains.
5. Vail, Colorado, USA
The village of Vail was conceived in the early 1960s to serve as the base for the Vail Ski Resort. The village and the accompanying resort have since grown to become of the most popular skiing destinations in the United States. The Vail Ski Resort is the 2nd largest ski mountain in the United States, and offers peace, quiet, comfort, and tremendous skiing opportunities for the honeymooning couple.
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