Top 5 Things Every Business Can Do To Limit Their Environmental Impact

Top 5 Things Every Business Can Do To Limit Their Environmental Impact

With climate change increasing and western governments spending more time and attention focusing on reducing the human impact on our planet, it’s important that every business owner does their part to help reduce their carbon footprint. No matter how green or eco-friendly you might consider your firm to be, the chances are there’s a lot you can do to help. Already, many supermarkets have started using bio-degradable or recyclable packaging, and many other companies are beginning to follow suit.

Although you might not be aware of this, last year the UK government announced it would be looking at putting fines in place for those who fail to heed their warnings. So in truth, spending some time working out how you can make positive changes now, could benefit you financially in the future. There’s always something you can do, no matter how big or small your business is. With that in mind, here are some simple suggestions to point you in the right direction.

1 – Carpool

If your company is above a certain size, the chances are many of your employees will live within reasonable distances of each other. This is why introducing a policy that encourages them to share cars on the rides to and from work could be perfect. You’ll seriously limit the amount of pollution your firm is causing, and you’ll also help to facilitate a more sociable atmosphere in the work place.

2 – Recycle Everything!

Though you might not realise it, almost everything can be recycled these days, which is why getting in touch with specialists like Scrapco metal recycling could help to limit your impact on the environment. If you run a company that regularly creates lots of metallic waste, firms like this will be willing to come to your business for free and take it away. How could you refuse that?

3 – Reduce Packaging

Presuming you sell some kind of product, reducing the amount of packaging used could help save the environment whilst also saving you lots of money. Obviously, you’ll probably have to employ the services of a design specialist to make sure you’re using less material or more eco-friendly material, but this cost will pay for itself in only a few short weeks.

4 – Cut Down On Emissions

If your business currently uses lots of old machinery, it’s probably wise you opt for an update, as newer models tend to produce fewer emissions and so are more favourable. Also, the same can be applied when looking at your delivery systems like lorries & vans. Newer models are nearly always more economical, and so you’ll actually save money on fuel whilst keeping the trees green.

5 – Reassess All Systems

Finally, if you’re really committed to running the most environmentally sound company possible, then it’s worth going through all your systems and processes and identifying exactly where changes can be made. Some of these changes might be small, but together they could seriously diffuse the effect you’re having on the planet.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for today my “green” friends. I hope to see that your business starts making changes immediately and manages to avoid the fines when they finally become commonplace. Good luck with all the alterations, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.