Top 5 Ways Smoking Will Ruin Your Sex Life

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All of the following consequences of smoking have been publicised at some point in recent years. The main reason for promoting these is that it is felt that young people, in particular, do not heed warnings relating to cancers and other diseases that are caused due to smoking.
By targeting an area that more young people will relate to, such as sex, it is hoped that the anti-smoking message will get through a lot clearer.

1. Overall Appearance

First things first, before getting down to it you need people to find you attractive, right? Well, if you smoke then it is much less likely that people will find you desirable and want to take you to bed. Not only will your skin look unhealthy, your breath will smell, and so will your clothes. Hardly painting a picture of a desirable person here, are we?
Regardless of those factors, the sight of a person with a cigarette in their hand is not an attractive one, period.

 2. Sexual Performance

Smoking severely limits the flow of blood around the body. This can lead to increased cases of erectile dysfunction in men who smoke, leading to embarrassment all round. As young people are well-known for being boastful, truthfully or not, about their sexual performance, it was hoped that this factor would hit home particularly hard.

 3. Reduced Libido

Despite nicotine being a stimulant, smoking in general causes us to be more tired, less energetic and have a severely reduced sex drive. Many studies have shown that this is particularly the case with couples who smoke in bed. If you and your partner smoke and are wondering why your sex life has fizzled out, it might be time to give up the nicotine sticks.

 4. Men: Smoking Damages Sperm

It has been shown that chemicals in cigarette smoke can not only slow down sperm production in your body, it can also be very damaging to any sperm that are produced. This can lead to sperm not being able to fertilise, or even carrying conditions that then have a negative impact on any child that is conceived.

 5. Women: Smoking Reduces Chances of Conception

You can now see why couples who smoke have a massively reduced chance of conceiving a child, given all of the barriers in place.
Chemicals in cigarette smoke can make conditions within the womb inhospitable for any fertilised egg, and can hugely increase the risk of miscarriage or even an ectopic pregnancy. The children of women who smoke will feel negative effects if the parent is a smoker, even if they give up when they become pregnant.
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