Top 5 Ways To Stamp Your Personality On Your Home

Image by: Alexandra Lee
Whether you’re living in a mansion or a college dorm, it’s important to personalise the space to suit you.
These 5 tips will demonstrate just how easy that is!
5) Hobbies
The easiest way to learn more about someone is to find out their hobbies. We all have hobbies; even if you don’t go to clubs or attend classes, there will be something that you really enjoy. Whatever your hobby is, be sure to allow it a place in your home.
If you like books why not create a mini library; if you like music why not use records to decorate a wall? You can display trophies or memorabilia, put up quotes, or create an entire space dedicated to the pursuit of what you love best.
4) Soft Furnishings
You may think that the soft furnishings in your home have little to do with your personality, but you couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re warm and caring then choose deep pile rugs and soft throws; if you’re functional and organised then perhaps wooden floors and smooth leather would be more your style.
Your bedroom is the most important place to get this right, and it’s always important to choose what appeals most to you; you want to create a space where you feel fully at ease. It’s good to experiment with texture and many people use a variety of soft furnishings across their homes.
3) Furniture
You can tell a lot about someone by the furniture they choose, so when it comes to picking yours choose wisely! Oak conveys a functional, family vibe, while darker woods convey power and mystery. Glass and mirrored furniture suggest glamour and style, while plastic suggests you prioritise function over fashion.
But if you really want to get your personality across, then why not customise what you already own; simply up-cycle existing furniture into something amazing! Shabby chic is really in right now, and with a few coats of paint and some new handles, it’s amazing what you can do!
2) Colour
Magnolia may look great when it comes to selling your house, but when you live there permanently there’s no greater sin than not repainting. Liven it up, inject some personality! There’s a whole psychology of colour and by leaving the walls blank you will make your personality appear dull too.
If you’re too scared to repaint an entire room, then just pick one feature wall and leave the rest as they are. There are no excuses if you’re renting, simply buy some colourful accessories (a nice duvet cover or a fancy rug), and you’ll instantly transform your dull home into one with character!
1) Artwork
The top way to stamp your personality on your home is with some art. Art is extremely personal and it can convey a lot about a person. It’s worth investing in a couple of great pieces and many people forget that sculptures can look great too.
But you don’t have to shell out a fortune, in fact why not try creating your own? A gallery wall is a great way to showcase special memories and it’s fantastic for displaying all of your children’s wondrous creations!
Do you have any more tips to share? I’d love to hear them!
Estelle Page is an interior designer with a flair for customisation. Her favourite things in life are her family and her library of style magazines. She’s a keen writer and works closely with Out There Interiors.