Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2013


Weddings are almost as fickle as fashion when it comes to trends.  What would have made your wedding look amazing in 2012 could well make it tacky and outdated in 2013, and those are attributes and characteristics that no one ever wants to see assigned to their big day.

At the same time, if you have planned your wedding months or years in advance, there may be certain things that you cannot change, and you may find yourself just having to run with them.

We looked at some of the top trends that will be present in weddings throughout 2013, giving you the opportunity to put them in place before the summer wedding season is upon us.

Modern Metals

In days gone by, gold and silver were the traditional metals used for wedding bands, perhaps with diamonds or another stone set within them. While they are still popular, trends are quickly shifting towards modern metal options, such as titanium and tungsten, in particular.

Although this is not something that all of your guests will instantly notice, it is an excellent way to put your own individual twist on your wedding, and while it seems in a small way now, remember that your wedding band is something you will wear for the rest of your life.

Wilder Outfits

The times when a man would marry in a sober suit and his bride would be wearing ivory or white are long gone. Most have remained true to the traditional styles of dress and suit, however, but experimented with colours more than anything else.

Expect this to shift further over the coming months, with more casual-style dresses being worn by women, while men will still opt for suits but with a casual t-shirt and plimsolls rather than the usual shirt and tie combination with swanky shoes.

Going Vintage

If you planned your vintage wedding months ago and worried that it would be outdated by now, then fear not, as it is still going to be a huge wedding theme throughout the year ahead.

Get everyone involved in such a theme, add a dress code and go for old-school food, in addition to having your venue decorated in a vintage style as well as giving your own outfits such a twist.

Back to Tradition

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s it almost felt as if we were moving away from traditional weddings taking place in a church, with hotels and other modern buildings becoming the norm for nuptials.

However, churches and other traditional buildings such as castles and country estates are again emerging as the favoured venue for many, taking back some of the thunder that hotels, new golf resorts, and sports stadiums had stolen in recent years.

Glitz, Glamour, and Class

Depending on where you live in the world, you have probably been subjected to some sort of awful reality TV show that certain sections of the population adore for their shameless tackiness and ‘bling.’

Glitzy, glamorous weddings will be big this year, but expect there to be a huge focus on class and sophistication, rather than an over the top diamante fest just for the sake of it.

If you are planning your wedding this year, be aware of the modern trends that will help your day to be stylish and memorable. Even if you don’t use them fully, steal an idea or two to give your wedding even a small twist.

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