Top 6 Reasons Why You Must Pick WinRAR Over Other Data Archiving and Compression Tools

You can easily download WinRAR free and you now have one of the best tools you can get for anyone using a computer. When you ask people why they pick Winrar, you will hear different reasons such as it is very practical and very friendly to use. Let us point out some more advantages over its competition.


WinRAR can read various file types beside from the RAR format. It can also help you with Zip, CAB, ACE, ARJ, ISO, JAR, 7Z files, among others. Compatibility will not be an issue.

You can easily download WinRAR free and use it on your Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP or Vista computer that you have. It can practically run on any computer regardless of its operating system.

Effective Compression Tool

The RAR file format gives you a very high data compression rate when you do solid archiving. It can practically handle many files simultaneously and pack them as a single file. This will be practical if you are creating archives that will be unpacked just once and will be renewed.

There are also what we call split archives that consist of multivolume files. This capability comes handy when you have to save archives in several discs or other forms of removable media.

With WinRAR you can save precious space on your computer and make sure you have enough resources so everything runs smoothly. As a handy compression tool, it allows you to send big files via email without having to worry that it cannot be downloaded by the recipient.

Recovery Records

Using RAR format also gives you an advantage when some archives are damaged. When you use ZIP format, these files might be rendered useless, but not with RAR since it comes with a Recovery Records feature that will repair the files so they will be usable.

Create Self-extracting Archives

WinRAR also allows you to create self-extracting archives that come with an executable module. When someone runs the SFX archive, it will unpack the files within the archive. If one is not too comfortable to run the executable file in fear of viruses, you can easily view the files to check and unpack the files yourself.

The SFX feature is very practical especially when you are compressing files for a person that does not have unpacking tools available.

Lock Your Archives

When you download WinRAR free, it comes with a certain form of protection. You can easily lock the archives that you want to protect from prying eyes and want to shield from modifications.

User-friendly Interface

WinRAR is designed so even the non-tech savvy people can use it given minimal instructions. You have a platform that allows you to do a lot of things you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. WinRAR has bested its competition in terms of benchmark tests that looked into its compression speed, file size handling, and interface.

Winrar is the ultimate destination on the web where you can download winrar free. WinRAR is considered as among the necessary tool of anyone using a computer.