Top Broadway Plays In 2013

Any visit to Manhattan will call for a visit to a play on Broadway.  The historical, entertaining, and glowing theater district in Manhattan New York is world famous for its plays and musicals.  With over 40 theaters all holding 500 plus people, there is a performance for everyone’s liking. So what plays should you see during your next visit to New York?  Here is a list of some of the top plays of 2013.


This play is upbeat including plenty of singing and dancing which the whole family can enjoy.  The play is located in New York and brings the audience back to the year 1899 when the youth led New York City news boys went on strike demanding compensation for their child labor.  The play features 12 original songs written by composer Alan Menken and was written by Harvey Fierstein.

Rock of Ages 

Looking for the wild party on Broadway and this is “Rock of Ages”.  This play will take you back to the 1980’s featurings heavy metal hits, and hair metal classics.  You can also expect to have a beer handed to you from vendors walking between the isles and even better, you receive a lighter to hold and shine in the air as some of the most classic rock ballads of the 80’s are being performed.  This is a very light hearted and joyful play that keeps the party alive.  Rock of ages was written by Chris D’Arienzo and built around 1980’s classic rock hits including “Styx”, “Journey”, “Bon Jovey”, “Twisted Sister” and many more.

The Lion King on Broadway

One of the most popular and successful show on Broadway, this is a classic tale based on the successful disney animated film “The Lion King”.  The Broadway show features spectacular costumes, a very unique and elaborate set, and the hit soundtrack written by written by “Elton John”, and “Tim Rice” and of course the famous score written by “Hans Zimmer”.  The “Lion King” has experienced huge success winning 6 Tony’s in its time and tickets should be bought in advance as they sell out very quickly.


One of the most successful plays in Broadway theater history, Wicked is a must see for the musical enthusiast.  Winning over 35 major awards, it is filled with spectacular, exciting and witty song performances.  It is appropriate for the whole family and can make any day in Manhattan exciting and memorable.

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