Top Products Needed To Lift A Truck

People have been lifting trucks for years now and it seems that the fad is continuing to grow each year. Trucks seem meaner, cooler, and just more awesome all the way around when they are lifted. Driving a lifted truck just draws attention to you and it is something that you can be proud of.  When you go to lift a truck though, there are a lot of things that you need to know before you do it and products that will make the truck better in the end.

Lift Kits
The first thing you need to do is to study the different types of suspension lift kits available.  You can decide to go with a rear block kit or you can get rear leaf springs. These lift kits can range anywhere between 2-10 inches of lift. Also each truck requires certain parts so it is vital that you get the exact type of lift that will work for your truck. No lift kits are universal so this part is vital to the process of lifting the truck.
Wheels and Tires
The next step would be to research the wheels and tires that you are wanting to go with. There are many different options to go with on tires such as All Terrain, Radials, Baja, and MTZs. Each tire has its own recommended use whether it be on the street, dirt, sand, mud, or all of the above. Tires like this are usually very expensive so it is vital that you pay close attention to detail here and pick the right ones that you will be happy with. Once you have the tires, you can move on to picking the wheels. These have to fit the backspacing of the lift on the truck and the tire size, but for the most part picking a wheel is strictly based on the type of look that you want to achieve.

Once you have the lift, tires, and wheels, you can move on to other cosmetic features of the truck. You can change out the bumpers to a more heavy duty look, add some graphics to the paint job, or put some window tint on and call it day. Once you get past the heavy lifting, the sky is the limit for the type and amount of accessories that you can add to the truck. One thing is for sure though, the truck will be a beast once you get it finished.
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