Top Quality Snorkel Gear – How To Fit It And How To Use It

Snorkeling is a great activity to do on vacation if you are the type of family who likes to stay active and also likes to make the most of being in a special location. Whether you are heading to the Bahamas or Grand Cayman, there is plenty to do, many tours to take part in and so much to see under the waves. To make sure that you can make the most of your time out at these beautiful snorkeling spots however, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment so that you can feel comfortable and safe whilst in the water.


How To Fit Your Mask

Your mask needs to fit your face well so that you don’t get any leaks when under the water. If your mask leaks, it can be very frustrating if you are constantly having to come to the surface to tip any water out. You also need a type of mask that will sit well on your face and hug the contours of your cheeks, forehead, nose bridge and temples.

To check that you’ve got the right fit for a mask, try on a range of shapes and sizes. Opt for masks that have silicon skirts around the lenses – these are great for creating a seal and therefore prevent leaking, and also are much more comfortable to wear as they stop the sides of the mask digging in.

How To Use Your Mask

Adjust your strap so that the mask is sitting properly on your face and that it is comfortable. When in the water, avoid constantly coming up to the surface to defog your mask. A good quality mask will have anti-fog lenses. This means that you should be able to see well both in your forward vision and peripherals whenever you are under or over the water.


How To Fit Your Snorkel

You snorkel is one of the most important parts of the snorkeling apparatus because it helps you breathe underwater so that you don’t have to constantly keep coming up to the surface to take a breath. Unless you are buying a  snorkel and mask set which fits together perfectly, finding a snorkel that goes well with your mask is one of the things to remember when fitting it. Have a flexible snorkel which can attach to any kind of mask, and ensure that the mouth piece is comfortable to hold in your mouth.

How To Use Your Snorkel

Once you’ve found a snorkel that fits, and that fits the mask, you need to attach it to the mask using the side clip. Place it in a position which makes it parallel with the mask and swim along the surface of the water. Your head can be tilted downward so that you can see the sea life below, but your snorkel should be just above the water’s surface so that you can continue to breathe. If you want to go deeper under water, take a long breath and dive downwards. Stay relaxed so that you can stay under water for as long as possible with one breath. Tilt your head back when you come to the water’s surface and breathe out to expel any excess water in the top of the snorkel. If you get a dry snorkel, you don’t need to worry about accidentally inhaling any excess water.


How To Fit Your Fins

Make sure that you opt for fins that fit nicely and are comfortable. If your fins are too tight, they will pinch but if they are too loose they may move around and cause blisters. Make sure that you cushion your feet and even wear water shoes in addition to your fins so that your feet stay well protected and comfortable.

How To Use Your Fins

Although fins aren’t essential to some snorkelers, they are important to anyone who wants to travel further on their snorkeling trips. Using short toed fins, you can simply move your feet as with normal swimming motions but you will notice a much faster motion through the water when using these rather than just bare feet.

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