Top Reasons Why Personalized Photo Cards Are Better Than Standard Greeting Cards

If you have stacks of photos lying around or a memory card full of pictures you haven’t shared yet, consider creating your own cards using those wonderful images. Greeting cards made with your own photographs are a great alternative to ordinary cards, bringing a personal aspect to special occasions.

A Treasured Possession

No one knows what to do with a stack of generic greeting cards after a birthday or holiday. Eventually, they end up in the trash, occasionally making a stop at the kids’ craft box on the way. A card made from personal photographs becomes a treasured possession, not a piece of clutter. The recipient can add it to their photo album or even frame it, and they will never want to throw it away.

A Unique Greeting

There are five of that greeting card you are pulling out of the slot at the store, or you could buy a box of fifty. How do you know they won’t receive another card like yours? Create your own personalized card using that beautiful picture you took yourself. There will never be another like it.

Your Own Words and Images

Only you can express the feelings you have for your loved ones, and only you can capture those moments that mean so much to you and your family. Sharing your pictures, combined with your words, is like sharing a part of yourself with those you care for the most.

Recalling Precious Memories

Nothing is as precious as the memories you’ve shared with friends and family. Whether it’s a photo of a recent family trip or the last holiday you spent with a long-departed loved one, remembering special times is the finest gift that you can give.

Claim Bragging Rights

Now is your chance to show off those pictures that are hidden on your hard drive and prove what a great photographer you are. It’s also the perfect opportunity to display your kids’ cutest moments, your pets’ hidden talents, and the award-winning flowers you grew last year. Your greeting cards will be a showcase and a “thank you” for all the people who have been your enthusiastic supporters over the years.

Modern technology has made it possible for everyone to create great pictures, and to give new life to old photos. Put them to good use and create fun, unique, and meaningful greeting cards for your loved ones. They will never forget it.

Bob Lamanche is an amateur photographer that enjoys immortalizing precious life moments using his camera. He currently blogs for Elephoto, a Canadian service that allows people to create personalized photo gifts. Build your own card with Elephoto here.