Top Ten Tips For Reducing Waste And Saving Energy In Your Business

Top Ten Tips for Reducing Waste and Saving Energy in Your Business

With the high cost of living today, many businesses are looking for ways to cut down on waste and reduce energy bills. Huge business electricity prices can cause havoc on the budget making it increasingly difficult to succeed. Here are the top ten tips to help businesses lower monthly energy bills.
Save Energy
Turning off the lights, unplugging appliances, turning down the heat, closing doors to rooms that are not used very often, are all ways to help lower the utility bills, but just as important are water leaks. Leaks around the toilet, water faucets and water heaters should be fixed.

Maintain Appliances
Yearly check ups on existing appliances will ensure they are working properly and help save money. Gas boilers are the number one appliance that can be dangerous if not properly maintained. Call a British gas boiler service to have them cleaned and to have worn parts replaced.
Invest in Solar Panels
The initial investment of purchasing solar panels are well worth the cost. Allow the sunlight to power your business, even on a cloudy day. Renewable energy is becoming more popular as utility bills rise. Save up to 50% on energy bills using solar panels.
Fixed Energy Tarriffs
You may be getting a discount now, but tarriffs do end. When these discounts end, comparison shop for lower prices but be on the look out for exit fees when switching companies.
Change Utility Companies
If your utility bills are sky high, consider changing companies. Many utility companies have calculators and charts for potential customers to comparison shop. Make use of them to find the lowest rates.
Update Your Building
Insulate areas in the building that are drafty and wrap British gas boilers in insulated jackets. Rooms with high ceilings are energy wasters. Lay insulation in these areas because heat rises, leaving the room feeling drafty. When a room is cool we tend to raise the temperature on the thermostat which results in higher utility bills.

Bundle Cable, Telephone and Internet Services
Check to see if your utility company offers bundling services for money saving opportunities. Often a cable company will have discount plans for businesses. With unlimited calls, week-end calling, and discounts on international calls, you can save money.
Invest in Energy Saving Bundling
Purchase plug ins, mobile phone charging sockets, light bulbs and adapters to help save money on the electric bill. With the flick of a switch, you can turn off appliances, especially computers, modems, fax machines, copiers and printers, all from one switch.
Monitor Your Energy
Consult with experts at utility companies to see how to monitor energy that is used on a daily basis. Many sell monitors that plug into the computer so that energy is monitored all of the time.
Peak Times
As with most utility companies, peak times are the most expensive. If at all possible, turn off appliances during peak energy times. Peak times are usually late mornings and afternoons. Utilities cost more during this time. Early morning hours, late evening hours and weekends are the cheapest.
During this time of recession, businesses are finding it increasingly more difficult to make ends meet. For money saving opportunities, consider revamping your energy usage and waste. Fix worn appliances, bundle, monitor, save and comparison shop to help save money on business electricity prices.
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