Top Three Questions To Ask Vacuum Cleaner Dealers

Many smart shoppers learn to do a little research and find answers to common questions before they make any purchase. This research helps them to prepare for the purchase and to know about any aspects that may be beneficial or problematic for them.

The research is done on everything from makeup to shoes and even home appliances or cleaning systems. One key benefit to it is that it makes it easier to know what questions to ask when speaking to a sales representative or a product dealer.

How Durable Is The Model In Question?

Rainbow vacuum cleaner dealers are often asked how durable their cleaning systems are. The reason for this question is that other brands often break after just a year or two of service, or fall apart faster with more frequent use.
The answer to this question is that the units are incredibly durable, and many have been known to last up to a decade or even longer with the right clean up and care. This makes them a very good investment for those who want a clean home.
The durability of any model is often closely tied to how well it is looked after. Regular cleaning and at home maintenance can help add years to the life of nearly any vacuum cleaner as it keeps the parts in working order.

What Accessories Or Attachments Will I Need?

Another common question that Rainbow sweeper dealers get is what types of accessories or attachments are necessary. The answer to this varies depending on several factors that include intended use and personal needs.
For some, the basic power nozzle is often sufficient to handle all of the floors in the home without the need for additional accessories. This provides enough power to clean even large build ups of debris without the need for extra attachments.
Those who want a deep clean for their carpets may prefer to look at an attachment that has brushes that can work deep into carpet and get a more thorough clean. It is typically used with a special formula that helps neutralize odors and remove stains.
An attachment like this is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to quickly remove most stains and odors from carpets. Both pet owners and parents prefer an option like this as it helps to keep rugs and carpets looking and smelling new.
If there are a number of tile and linoleum floors in the home, a special floor mop attachment may be a good choice. This attachment works with the unit and provides the same power for cleaning but works to clean hard and flat surfaces.
One benefit to this is that there is no need to use additional scrubbing to remove most stains. The floor also dries faster, thanks to a squeegee pick up blade, which means floors are dry in no time.
For a very thorough clean for every room in the home, it is best to have several attachments available. This lets owners be prepared for any type of mess, stain, or spill that might occur without needing to wait.

What Are My Options If I Need Repairs?

The final question that Rainbow vacuum dealers should be asked is what are the options if repairs are needed. Help may be offered by phone only, or by email, depending on the nature of the situation.
Another good resource for help is the service manual that can be found for every model that is available. The manual offers a number of tips for how to fix common problems and how to do basic maintenance at home.
If a repair is required, Rainbow vacuum cleaner dealers can also help to arrange a pick up for the unit. Once it has arrived at the repair facility, it will be repaired and shipped out as quickly as possible to get it back to the home.
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