Top Tips For Relieving Stress


Stress and stress related health issues have never been more common than they are in modern society. They can cause people huge problems and can affect their lives and health on a daily basis. Unfortunately with no signs of life slowing down for many of us, learning how to deal with stress is imperative.

Slow down and breathe
Life can be fast paced whether that’s because you have a stressful and busy job or you have a family to care and look after. Learning to slow down is the key to relieving some of the stress. Obviously we can’t just stop our lives, we need to live them, however think about how you approach things. Changing your approach to situations can help hugely; think calmly and rationally about what needs to be done. I am an obsessive list writer and have been all my life, I have to organise my life in this way because otherwise I would just get stressed and probably not get anything done. Remember to slow down and breathe, take in the situation and think rationally how you can deal with it. Life will always throw obstacles in our way but if we remember this key strategy it can help us to cope with dealing with those situations.

Learning to relax is also key to help relieving stress, try to put aside a couple of hours a week to relax. Think about what you find relaxing, many of us will say an alcoholic drink. By no means am I saying to not have a drink, but alcohol can in some cases unfortunately increase stress and anxiety. It is commonly believed that it causes disturbance to sleep patterns, this is something that can cause a negative effect on someone with anxiety and stress and actually increase symptoms. Getting the correct amount of sleep is very important and our bodies need this to function. Think do you get enough sleep? If not, this maybe one of the reasons why you are suffering with stress. Not only is sleep important but exercise is also. I have to be honest I am no gym bunny but just adding in 20-30 minutes a day of exercise can cause significant reductions in anxiety and stress. I would recommend a nice walk in the fresh air this can help you take stock of things and really give you a little time to breath and relax before jumping back into life.

Life is stressful and we will always times in our life that are more than ours, but remember we are all only human and can cope with so much. Learning to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress is the key.

Guest Post by Daisy Burgess – Professional Blogger for