Top Tips For Saving Energy In Your Home

In today’s world we are all looking for ways to save money and cutting down on our home energy cost is a great way to do this. There are several things you can do, some that cost little to nothing, that will save you money every month on your energy bills. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top tips to help you start saving today!

Controlling The Gas or Forced Air Thermostat
This is an easy and free thing you can do to help cut your energy cost. By simply setting the thermostat to a comfortable yet energy efficient setting throughout the day and when you are not home you can save several dollars each month. You can also turn your heat down at night and layer on additional blankets if you are cold. Start at 68 degrees during the day if someone is home and 60 degrees when you are away or at night. You can adjust a few degrees up or down for your comfort level.

Turn Down The Temperature On Your Hot Water Tank
Unknown to many home owners your hot water tank is likely to be hotter than it needs to be. Most heaters are set on 140 degrees but this high of a temperature isn’t needed unless your dishwasher does not have a booster heater.  If you turn your tank down to 120 degrees or to the medium setting if you have a gas tank you can cut your water heating bill by 6-10%.

Weather Strip Windows And Doors
A lot of heating and cooling energy is lost because of leaking windows and doors. One simple and low cost way to keep your heat or cool air from escaping is to add window stripping to them. Weather stripping is cheap and very easy to install. You simply find the draft, cut a piece of weather stripping and stick it to the area. It really is that simple and you will be amazed at how much different a room can feel temperature wise by just covering the leaks.

Wash On Cold Instead Of Hot
Did you know that 90% of the energy used by washing machines comes from water heating? A load of clothes can cost 20-40 cents more per load when washed in hot water. While that doesn’t sound like a ton of money think of it this way, if you do 5 loads a week for one year you will spend $10-$20 more per year. It may not sound like a lot but every dollar counts!

Cover Your Water Tank
To keep coffee or tea hot you would put it in a thermal cup or thermos. The same idea applies to your water heater. By simply wrapping the tank with a fiberglass blanket installation you will reduce the amount of heat lost by 25-45%. This will result in a 4-9% savings on your water heating bill. You can purchase a kit for about $15-20 at any hardware or home improvement store. Before you install it make sure to read all of the directions. You do not want to block any of the exhaust vents, air intake or thermostat access.

With these tips you are well on your way to saving more energy and keeping more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket!

This was a guest post by Chris from Warwick Glass, a company installing energy saving windows and doors in your home to cut costs while keeping your home warmer and more attractive.