Top UK Cities To Play Bingo

Bingo is one of United Kingdom’s most popular games and is played by people of all ages. Large bingo halls were first seen in major cities throughout the United Kingdom in the 1950s and although many have been modernised or replaced by glitzy versions over the years, the dynamics of these bingo halls remain very much the same. What follows is an overview of some of the best places to play bingo in the UK.

Image courtesy of rikunj, Flickr
The vibrant capital city of London features 12 traditional bingo halls as well as a huge number of modern Mecca and Gala bingo halls to choose from. London’s largest bingo hall can be found in the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre and is named the London Palace. This mammoth bingo hall is large enough to seat 2,000 people and is a great place to meet other bingo fans. People who have an eye for beauty should also pay a visit to the Tooting Gala Bingo Hall, which is said to be the most beautiful bingo hall in the whole of the United Kingdom.
The university town of Luton can be found just to the north of London and is another great place to play bingo. Luton features both glitzy modern bingo halls such as Mecca as well as more traditional bingo halls. Several of the churches and women’s groups in Luton regularly host both daytime and evening bingo games, and the game has become increasingly popular among younger people here in recent years.
The charming seaside city of Brighton has long been a popular place for senior citizens to hang out. Although many of the original halls that were once located here have now closed, bingo lovers will still find plenty of places to play in Brighton. Traditionalists will want to play a game or two in the Beacon bingo hall, which is one of the few independent bingo halls to remain in this part of the United Kingdom. There are also plenty of modern bingo halls to be found along Brighton seafront and in the heart of the town.
The northern English city of Manchester features several popular bingo halls for residents and visitors alike to choose from. One of the most charming is the traditional Theatre Royal bingo hall, while the largest is the modern Club 3000, which can be found in the modern Arndale Shopping Centre.
Gathering to play bingo on chilly evenings is popular with residents Edinburgh. This Scottish city features three Gala bingo halls as well as two Mecca bingo halls, all of which attract large numbers of bingo lovers. This the most famous place in Edinburgh to play bingo is the Premier Bingo hall, which is a tiny establishment that is tucked away on Nicholson Street.
Most people in the United Kingdom like to play the type of bingo known as 90 ball bingo. However, there are also lots of other types of bingo to try. Many bingo halls hold special evenings for people who are new to the game, while there are also other special bingo events that are held regularly in major cities. The popularity of bingo in the United Kingdom is rising once more, making this the perfect time to get into the game.
Online bingo sites have rapidly risen in popularity in recent years and there are now multiple ways to play bingo online whether you visit an online bingo website or play bingo via mobile phone apps on your smartphone. The audience and demand for bingo as a past time has opened up greatly to a much wider and diverse audience in recent years. Although it’s heritage in bingo halls should always be remembered.
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