Top Workplace Etiquette Considerations To Keep

There is the idea of a workplace etiquette that protects us from awkward or downright unpleasant experiences by showing due personal respect to our colleagues. For the most part it is a learned behaviour and not something we can be taught effectively. These lessons and examples of workplace etiquette are better processed when experiences, but there are a few that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Personal Space

The first one is that of personal space. You’d likely know if this was your own workplace etiquette problem; but quiz yourself on just how much you actually know about how others see you. My point is there are many cultures that tackle personal space differently so this is a tricky one. There are a few common aspects that we can respect regardless when it comes to personal space. One of the major workplace etiquette mistakes people make with personal space is in someone’s office environment. Things like observing someone’s computer screen as they work while trying to communicate is often alienating and invasive.

Too Much Information

When it comes to workplace etiquette, communication techniques are important to consider. In a professional environment when we work with the same people, we may find ourselves becoming familiar with colleagues; which is great but we may also unintentionally cross the line. Work is work and personal stuff is personal, and we may become close enough with some colleagues for personal stuff to become comfortable but workplace etiquette guidelines encourage us not to get too personal. There are some things that are simply not appropriate for the work environment.

Less Chatter, More Business

Some of us have access to a business phone line and, like a good friend, we may become tempted to get too comfy with that. The meaning behind my workplace etiquette opening is that we need to always police ourselves when it comes to personal calls. We all need to make them from time to time, but it’s easy to slip into a habit of continually using the phone for frivolous personal business; it reflects badly on us because we should using that phone for business business.

Food is Dangerous

When it comes to food, there are so many different mistakes one can make in terms of workplace etiquette. That really good looking sandwich in the fridge that isn’t yours, it is not yours to eat so don’t. You busy taking lunch, don’t talk to me with your mouth full. Got a lot of garlic or anchovies on a pizza leftover, don’t microwave that so that the stench lingers for all to enjoy. When it comes to food at the office, a book solely on the topic could be written for workplace etiquette. These are a few common factors that people tend to forget and I hope that this article has helped you remember.
Eugene Calvini is writer and career consultant working out of office space Frankfurt; he enjoys sharing his advice and tips for others in the office environment to enjoy.