Transform Your Bathroom Into A Feng Shui Spa Retreat

Homeowners wishing to increase the value of their homes are turning to modern upgrades as a means of building equity in their investment. One of the easiest ways to increase the value of a home is to transform the bathroom into a spa retreat. An increasingly popular choice with homeowners is the idea of a feng shui spa. From bathtub resurfacing to prevent leaking feng shui energy to mirrors placed to reflect water, homeowners choosing to invest in a feng shui spa bathroom are making a wise choice indeed. Not only will their bathroom time potentially be more relaxing, their investment pays for itself should they ever decide to sell. A home with excellent feng shui energy is appealing to a wide market of buyers.
For those unsure of the principles, initially working with a feng shui consultant is a wise investment to consider. One review of the home is often all it will take for homeowners to gain a better understanding of the specific needs of their home. While elements like the positioning of the bathroom in relation to other rooms in the house cannot easily be changed, decorative elements are easily integrated in order to make a bathroom feng shui friendly. Water features like a soothing electrical rock waterfall can be nestled into an unused corner space. If the budget allows, a heated floor can bring additional positive energy into the space. A heated towel rack adds a modern element to a bathroom while introducing positive energy at the same time. Even bathtub resurfacing can overcome leaking feng shui energy while transforming the look of the bathroom at the same time. Whether it is a change in color or a simple change in texture, a resurfaced bathtub can instantly improve the overall aura of a bathroom.

The theory of a feng shui spa bathroom is not applicable only to homeowners. Contractors are also capitalizing on the profitability of this popular choice. With just a little bit of pre-planning, a bathroom can be appropriately constructed so as to make it appealing to buyers with an interest in feng shui energy practices. This small bit of attention to detail can make a huge difference to a contractor’s bottom line when it is time to put his product on the market. Whether a renovation flip or a newly constructed home, a dwelling that is feng shui appropriate is likely to sell at a much faster rate than one with poor feng shui energy. For any individual hoping to increase the value of their home by integrating modern upgrades, concentrating on the ancient practice of feng shui is an excellent way to go. Millions of global feng shui practitioners cannot be wrong.
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