Transform Your Loft To Fulfill Your Hobby Dreams

A rarely used loft makes a perfect hobby space for a multitude of hobbies like photography, sewing crafts, model trains, painting and sketching, coin and stamp collecting and writing. The size of the loft will determine the best types of hobbies for loft use. 

Plan, Plan, Plan
The first step before attempting to create your “hobby loft” is to begin with a plan. Define the theme for the style of the loft. This may be traditional, rustic, modern or antique. Make the style of the loft compatible with the style of the rest of the home and also with the hobby. Hobbies are a source of entertainment and fun. The hobby space should reflect fun, comfort and functionality. 

Using Free Space For Your Hobby Loft
Measure the entire floor space of the loft area. Develop a workable floor plan. This gives a good idea of how much space can be dedicated for work tables, drawing boards, a writing desk or layout boards for model trains and collectors items for display. Try to make use of free space by organizing any storage furniture like files and shelves. Consider using stackable storage where possible to save space.

Take The Time To Shop Around For Hobby Furniture
It’s possible to outfit an entire loft with just a bit of ingenuity and a good eye for shopping around for unusual pieces that can be converted easily into functional loft furniture. For instance, in a rustic styled loft consider using wooden crates or barrels as supports for large layout boards. Smaller sized barrels make good storage bins. For whiteboards, chalkboards and posterboards, choose wall-hung types rather than stand-alone to conserve space. Then, simply cover with a stylish drape or poster when not in use. For display boards, consider large 12″ x 12″ cork tiles. Add a small corrugated cardboard backing and a colorful frame. These can be wall hung or used with an easel for support.

Make Your Loft Comfortable
When it comes to furniture for your hobby loft, chairs, desks and settees make a true comfort statement. Look for these orphaned pieces at antique or vintage shops. Then add your own bit of style with colorful chair pads and covers. A desk can also be created by using old doors and two carpenter horses. Paint them in bright colors and a whole new look is created. Hollow-core interior doors may also be cut and sized to create mobile display boards for collectors who like to take their coins, stamps and other hobby wares to collectors’ shows.

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