Travel In Style

Going away on holiday? Everyone wants to have matching luggage. Whatever your style, there is a bag or case to suit you. Hard cases and soft cases are available in different sizes and colours.
Depending where you are travelling to you can determine the size and style of the case you wish to take. Generally, the further afield you travel, the larger the case. Although airlines do have a maximum weight on baggage, it is possible to pay if you need to take more than usual.

Inflight cases are also available that match your luggage. These are an excellent idea to store personal possessions that may be needed during the flight. Inflight cases also have a maximum size and weight as there is limited room in the overhead compartments.
Some people choose to purchase their cosmetics at Duty Free to save on cost, so it is a great idea to carry a vanity case on board with you. It also allows you to keep all your cosmetics in one place whilst on holiday which prevents cluttering the bathroom and also prevents losing items.
Luggage comes in some great styles and colours, some with patterns and some with unique designs so it makes it easy to recognise your cases at the luggage carousel.
A hand bag or shoulder bag is also allowed to be carried on the flight, these are also available in different sizes and styles which again can match your luggage. Passports, money, tickets and smaller items are best stored in a personal bag of this kind.
Money and or credit cards are a necessity when travelling, without these, you wouldn’t get very far, unless you are travelling to a pre-paid all inclusive, however, it is still advisable to take some form of money for items you may require that are not included.
Purses and wallets are available, again in different sizes and colours to suit you. This allows you to carry other cards like donor cards and health insurance cards.
Baby bags are a must when travelling with young children; they allow you to keep all their necessities separate from your important documents. This makes it easier to grab what you need for the children. Baby Bags allow you to store bottles of milk, changes of clothing, nappies, wipes and toys plus many other items needed to make the journey as easy as possible.
Travelling in style turns heads and makes you feel good without compromising on storage space.
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