Travel tale of Oxford, England from a Different Angle

Oxford is one of the most visited places in Great Britain throughout the year as millions of tourists take their way to this knowledge glorified place. It is rightly called a college town as there are at least 38 colleges situated closely, which are offering world’s best platform for acquiring education.

The great educational spot has lots of attractions for the common visitors including the master piece of 14th century construction. Here, you can find old British civilization still alive along with latest fashion into the town. Oxford, being a renowned educational institution, has been hosting almost every nation.  Here are numerous points that offer dream view to the visitors. Here is a brief description of Oxford visit that is expected to be captivating.

Visit of Christ Church College

It a wonderful point to be visited in Oxford. The splendid college has a rich history as it has produced great celebrities in the past. It has got the honor of educating 13 British Prime Ministers. The college has also got great fame for entertaining the visitors with Harry Potter movies. Furthermore, the place is very economical to visit as it costs only $12.30 for all.

Pub crawl through Oxford

It is nice idea to make your visit unforgettable while having a rare experience of pub crawl through Oxford’s most traditional pubs. The place is situated at 52 Board Street and it has got several other attractions for the tourists as well. The classical place offers the visitors luxurious drinks in the bars, built to serve the visitors. At the same time, the visit is very much affordable and mesmerizing. The food can be availed at very cheap rates.

Canal Plus Visit

One of the most outstanding ideas to have fun while visiting Oxford is that of hiring a bike on rent for one or two days.  The oxford canal is an appealing beauty by all means and a ride along with it could make your journey unforgettable for whole life. The canal, full of white ducks, becomes an enchanting place and fine destination for visitors. The beautiful canal leads towards the Thames River which is a great picnic point all the year around. It is filled with crowd mostly that adds to your fun.

Visiting New Ashmolean

Among the other beautiful locations alongwith Oxford canal, New Ashmolean is a place worth to visit. The place was built in 1845 and it reminds of the great climax of British Empire. It was rebuilt in 2009 and some new points were added to it like Oxford’s prize museum. It also includes Galleries of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. These places were added into historical building in November 2009.

Watching the play in Oxford and Taste of Slovakia

Apart from its historical splendor, Oxford has got several destinations that are merely built for enjoyment and to add splendor. Here you can enjoy musical concerts and have scrumptious cuisine. This is a place where you will enjoy the taste of Slovakia.