Treatment Of Anorexia

The ideal of thin body has been incorporated into our mind, making us think that we all need to look the same way, like supermodels. This perception of man and woman persisted for quite a long while, changing the way we think about others and, most importantly, about ourselves. And this is not something that is connected to one region or country. This is a global issue as a product of many corporations that had full access to media and had opportunity to mold the views of people, especially the young ones. As it usually happens, when a person goes against his own nature or body, it ends badly. The condition that arose from this behavior is anorexia.

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that can be caused by numerous different things. In most cases, it is very similar to depression. It is characterized by thing such as loss of confidence, bad perception of self and dissatisfaction with own body. Furthermore, these two diseases often go hand in hand. Given that anorexia is in a sense case of malnutrition, some symptoms are similar. Individual’s hair and skin are drying up, there is constant feeling of cold, and fatigue is commonplace while the joints and cheeks are swollen. Besides these physical changes, there are numerous behavioral changes that we can be noticed such as refusal to eat, counting of calories, reducing food into small bits, excessive exercise. All of that leads to dramatic loss of weight but even with that in mind, person continues with the same unhealthy diet.

This disorder can be caused by biological and social problems. Some of the biological issues that cause this disease are nutritional deficiency, change in serotonin, addiction to chemical process within brain that is caused by starvation, genetic issues, infections and other malfunctions within the brain. When it comes to social factors, this is a disease that is usually a product of individual’s desire to look thinner and better. As previously mentioned, it is a sociological phenomenon that became increasingly noticeable in last fifty years. Anorexia usually appears in athletes and performers that are dependent on their look; in order to satisfy the demand of general public, they tend to starve themselves so they would appear thinner. The disease usually appears in teenage years, especially in countries that are plagued with obesity. In some cases, family abuse and other family problems can lead to this issue.

Given that this is a physical disease that is backed up with mental issues, it is recommendable that the person starts taking psychological counseling together with strict change in diet. In some cases medication can be required, such as Olanzapine, which you can find in the international pharmacy YouDrugstore. Besides that, in cases that the disease has symptoms of depression as well, it is good to take anti-depressives which are available in any online drugstore. The cure starts with the psychological treatment during which the doctor can find the real cause of the problem. While the treatment is going, the family and those close to the patient should start introducing better diet filled with calories, fatty acids, zinc. To make sure, nutritional counseling is required as an additional measure. As soon as the main problem has been found and resolved, the full healing process can occur. If the mental issue behind the anorexia has been resolved, there is a lesser chance for relapse.