Trends In Media. What To Look For In The Next 12 Months.

Anymore it seems like the phrase “online media” is redundant. Truth is that media can now be defined by its online parameters, especially when you look at these emerging media trends.

Location-Based Coupons
According to Mashable, it won’t be long before you receive coupons directly to your phone based on your current location, expressed interests, and time of day. The best part is that you won’t have to print the coupons and remember to bring them with you. It’s all on your phone.
Simultaneous TV Watching and Internet Use
A commercial directs you to a website. A TV show sparks your interest in an obscure topic. A reality show asks you to vote. A news anchor wants you to tweet. Anymore, you get more out of your television watching experience when you have the Internet to supplement it.
Industry statistics say that most male tablet users tend to watch television and use their tablet while they look up information about a TV show. But females differ because they look up information about an actual TV ad.
Brands and TV networks will continue to find creative ways to engage viewers.
China’s Social Media Use
Facebook isn’t allowed in China, but there are four or five other social media networks taking hold there.  Can we expect other country-specific social media platforms to show up to the party?
Businesses Continue to Expand their Definition of Media
There are dozens of reasons why some businesses have avoided emerging media formats. Twitter is tough to measure. Few executives seem to understand FourSquare. The privacy issues on Facebook make any legal department cringe. You get the point.
Despite these road blocks, many businesses are doing their best to embrace new media. As reported in Search Engine Watch, a study found that 96% of businesses plan to increase their social media investments.
Continued Use of Analytics, Measured Engagements
No one will tell you that analytics is a thing of the past. Understanding how and when media reaches its audience is key to any media campaign’s success. But some will say that it needs to be taken a step further. It’s not enough to know how, when, and where a media message is received. You need to know the ways in which the consumer engaged with that information. Surveys allow you to do that.
These media trends are only a few of the biggest movements we will see in the next year or two. There’s no telling how fast media outlets will grow or how they’ll get there.
This is a guest post by Allison Murray on behalf of market research company, Scarborough Research. Scarborough is a leading provider of consumer insights and media trends.