Turning Back The Clock On Baggy Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul; yet the signs of ageing mostly occur around the eyes.  So how does one turn back the hands of the clock and open the windows? Blepharoplasty is a procedure that removes fat and tightens the excess skin of a drooping eyelid.   Sometimes this can be purely practical, and help to improve the field of vision by removing the skin. Frequently, it’s purely for cosmetic reasons.

Who is Blepharoplasty Suitable For?
You should consider Blepharoplasty if you find that you constantly straining your brow region to open the eyes or have problems with activities requiring your peripheral vision such as driving, reading or playing sports, caused by the overhang of skin.
Sagging around the eye may be caused by other skin conditions like allergies and oedema.  A visit to an eye specialist will identify the cause. Some cases of dermatological or skin problems can be easily fixed.
The Surgery
Blepharoplasty is performed with incisions made along the eyelid skin.  Incisions can also be made from the inside surface of the lower lid, known as transconjunctival blepharoplasty.  This allows for the removal of fat on the lower lid without an externally visible scar.  The surgeon will make an assessment of bone structure, symmetry, elasticity and muscle; in order to work out how he reshapes this area.
A skin resurfacing treatment such as a carbon dioxide laser or chemical peel may be performed at the same time.  This generally means a faster recovery time for the skin.  The operation is around three hours. The true result of the surgery won’t be apparent until bruising and swelling go away and the healing has completed at around two months afterwards.
Smokers need to take care with this type of surgery as they take longer to heal and are at higher risk of surgical complications. People of Asian ethnicity should be aware that genetic factors can mean this surgery is more tricky, as the skin around the eyes is slightly different for people with Asian ethnicity.
Possible complications following surgery include: changing the position of the lower lid in relation to the cheeks, dry eyes caused by disrupting the tear ducts during surgery.
Live your Best Life
As with all age-related cosmetic surgery procedures, it pays to be realistic about the outcomes. Remember that there are many ways to look and feel young.  Good Health is holistic and should be aimed for consistently by eating well, exercising, and trying to be happy.  Making some habitual and attitudinal changes, can work wonders for the appearance of your skin. Things such as gentle yoga and eating vitamin enriched fruit and vegetables may not turn back the clock on your ageing skin, however it will improve your emotional and mental well-being.  Changing these factors could influence your decision to undergo the surgery.
Think of your skin and eye health, couched in these broader and holistic terms, before going under the knife. If the problem is an emotional or mental one rather than a physical obstruction of the eye, then treating your body kindly, eating well and exercising regularly will, in the very least, make you feel a thousand times better and live longer.
Athena blogs about fashion, beauty and wellness for leading glasses online provider Directsight.