Turning Pleasure Into Profit – Wine Investing

Turning Pleasure into Profit – Wine Investing

People usually invest in wine for financial reasons, but many people buy expensive wines to drink.

Wine investment is gaining in popularity right now, not only here in the United Kingdom, but globally.

If you are thinking of buying wine as an investment, then I highly recommend using a wine broker. A wine broker will hedge funds that are built around a specific wine portfolio. They store the wines  for you, assist with the purchase and can help you sell it in the future. I think that a good start would be to find a seller who has anything from about 100 to 500 bottles.

On the global front; Hongkong is on fire that is really; it’s a phenomenon what’s happening in Hongkong. It is so exciting; it is right now the global hub for wine auctions.

I see steady growth in the US and certainly UK as well, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam are all doing quite well at the moment.

The good news is at auction you can enter the auction room and literally pick up a case of wine in a 12 bottle case for 2 or 300 dollars. And at the same time you can go for the deluxe and pick up a bottle for £7,000 or £10,000. We had a bottle of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti sell in Geneva, single bottle 1945 so 715 millimeters for 150,000 dollars, just to give you an example of what people are willing to pay at that level for something as rare as that one bottle.

Investors particularly at the wine hedge fund level are buying into younger vintages as an investment, putting them in a temperature controlled warehouse, even though the wines aren’t drinkable at this point, they are becoming more valuable. With just a little bit of effort and a little bit of budget, and you can get started, that’s what we pride ourselves on here at www.igwbrokers.com. Our primary aim is to help those who want to get into investing, buying, investing, drinking and that’s what we do. I have way too much wine, I’ll never drink it, I think I need to sell a little bit and we will help them sell it.

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