Turning the iPad into a Gaming Machine

The iPad can be the ultimate portable gaming solution if you have the right accessories.  And what are the best accessories for your ipad? Here’s how you can maximize your iPad for gaming.  You don’t need to spend oodles of money, but make sure you don’t waste your hard earned cash on junk.  Try this list:


ZAGGKEYS ProFolio+  – Features backlit keys, shortcut keys and a durable case.

Analog Controller:

Try the fling analog joystick for iPad.  Great control and simple design


ZAGG Audio is packed with options.  Sound is one of the most important parts of your game don’t’ skimp here.

Get a silicone cover for that iPad to protect it from slipping off of those sweaty hands while you are playing. Nobody wants to have a sweaty iPad as well as an iPad that accidentally fell to the floor because it got slippery.  The InvisibleSHIELD screen protector will help protect your screen in case you drop it.

Another choice is the Thinkgeek’s iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet. Why? Imagine using the old Nintendo where one puts in the cartridge to start a game. Nice right. It’s practically an iPad in a Nintendo Family. Though it is not portable, ouch! There is another version for it though, the iCade Core Arcade Game Controller, but the price is expensive.

If you are not into analog controllers, try the Fling Joystick for iPad, which is actually cheaper than the iCade controllers.  If you want a big screen gaming experience, Apple TV allows you to view games on your TV.  This makes your game come alive, while still allowing you portability.

You can also make iPad itself as a game controller.  Use the iPad as the main game controller and control everything with just the gadget itself. But hey, if you are a gamer and would love to make your iPad the best, go ahead and splurge the money on those hot gaming accessories.