Types Of Blinds For Your Home

The view out the window is lovely until the sun begins to heat up the house. It’s nice to look out at the neighborhood, but privacy is important. Pulling the blinds makes a room more comfortable and secure. Window blinds are functional, energy-efficient, and they add color and style to a home’s interior design.

Venetian blinds are popular and easy to install.

The rotation of their horizontal slats makes it simple to adjust the light in a room. Mini-blinds are inexpensive and available in a range of solid colors or metallic finishes. Wood is a beautiful choice for this type of blind, and it adds a decorative touch of texture and depth to a room. Both blinds bring a sense of contemporary design to any decor.

Roller blinds look beautiful.

In bedrooms and baths and give these rooms complete privacy. Their fabric attaches to a bottom dowel rod that allows them to roll up or down with a simple pull cord. Materials range from soft plastics to posh fabrics, and color choices are unlimited. When used with a bank of windows, these blinds also function as a wall treatment and add drama to the room.

Roman blinds bring elegance to a room and still afford total privacy.

The choice in fabrics makes these blinds ideal for adding a decorator’s touch. From simple linens to rich brocades and faux leathers, Roman blinds are a luxurious alternative to standard window treatments. Their construction is similar to roller blinds, but the lined backing of their graceful, accordion folds provides maximum light and temperature control.

Vertical blinds are the best choice for picture windows and sliding glass doors.

Their long, vertical slats rotate open to adjust room lighting, and when closed, the blinds give an area complete privacy. Their curtain-like feel updates a room with a contemporary touch. Vertical blinds are available in a variety of materials, from light-weight aluminum to stiffened fabrics. They are beautiful, dramatic accents for any large area.

Sunshade blinds are constructed from an insulating mesh that helps control home energy costs.

The most popular type of sunshade blind installs directly over the window’s interior, allowing a view out and affording privacy at the same time. The second model is similar to a roller blind and offers a wider range of decorating choices. Sunshade blinds also block out UV rays and cut back the fading effects of sunlight on carpet and furniture.

Curtains and blinds by Curtain World are nice, and their window blinds can offer privacy and energy savings. Today’s modern blinds blend beautifully with any decorating scheme. Installing new blinds is an inexpensive and smart way to update a room or give an entire house a brand new look.