Types Of CAD Design Software Used In The Field Of Architecture

Computer aided designs have replaced traditional pencil and board drawing because of the advantage of flexibility, easy manipulations and quick delivery. However in CAD one size doesn’t fit all as there are different types of software used in every industry; from engineering to planning. CAD software is in two basic forms mainly 2d and 3d, but there are profession specific software that does just more than creating curves and patterns. In architecture there are different types of software used for creating beautiful designs and patterns in a cost effective way; a few of them including their functions are listed below.


Autodesk 3d max in used in architecture for modeling, rendering and animation works. The modeling capabilities and plugins on this software make it very flexible and easy to use on windows Microsoft platforms.

Chief Architect

This professional software is equipped with automated building tools that allows for easy design of architectural edifice involving remodeling, kitchen and bath design and interior design. It is integrated with both 2d and 3d package that makes it easy, fun and exciting for architects to produce beautiful designs. The tools available in the software allows for the entire design process from preliminary design to working drawings.


This cad software works in both 2d and 3d drafting and design, and is used to generate vector graphic elements and objects. It is also used for the geo engineering, building design and plant design.


It is no doubt that this is the most popular and widely used commercial software anywhere in the world. The program is capable of creating blueprints and plants or models of any object in both 2d and 3d; and can be used by both professional and amateur architects. Autocad is also available in a number of variations, and is extremely useful for creating customized design in autolisp programming language based on “c” and lisp.


Archicad is used by architects, designers and planners to achieve 2d and 3d visualization, drafting and other functions. Also the software is covered with a wide range of applications to suite the design needs of any professional architect. With the use of an object technology concept known as virtual building the software can be used to automatically generate 2d and 3d output from a single file.


This a software commonly used by architects to help them achieve facility management and building design using ready made features that are available in both 2d and 3d format. The software is available in both windows and sun solaris formats. Arris is simple and very easy to use with intuitive tools that help you build models through the construction of wireframes skeletons and automatic stretching surfaces. The software allows for efficient creation of working drawings and it makes simple the process of developing and implementing of office standards for the organization and execution of drawings.


Just like the other software this program is used for both 2d and 3d design. But it however has a greater advantage since it can be used on multiple platforms including windows and Macintosh, and it has two editions; the pro basic and the platinum edition. Apart from their capability as a 3d tool both editions contain general drafting tools and can create TC surface objects and ACIS solids.


This program is beneficial because it gives you the chance to create 3d images and elements directly without the need of starting from 2d. It used to be a Macintosh based program but it has recently been made available in windows format with add-on rendering capabilities.  Another advantage of this software is that it’s easy to learn with simple procedures that allows for smooth progress through your design process. It has interactive 3d, and the vectorial rendering allows for easy obtain of editorial perspective, elevations and sections.

Julia Farrelly is a CAD design expert. She provides architects with 3D CAD models often for free to enable them to really bring their designs to life.