Types Of Law Firms

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Just like law, law firms come in different branches and types. From small law firms to larger ones, the services offered are vast and immense. Law firms offer services from something as common as divorce, to something as complicated as environmental protection. Lawyers have exceeded, just like firms so more and more are being made to facilitate the rising need of society.

Depending on the legal issue a client has, law firms will help accordingly. A law firm will often be clear about what law services they best provide. For example is it a firm that caters to domestic issues or is it best when dealing with cases related to tax? These questions are all answered when knowing which law firm is best to hire when dealing with the issues that have risen.

Solo Firm

Just like the name suggests, solo law firms are run by a single lawyer. These types of firms handle a vast array of cases, ranging from family law to personal injury and insurance fraud. Generally, solo firms are less costly since the client pays for only one lawyer. They also offer one on one personal attention from the lawyer and attorney works on the case single handedly, giving it their full concentration. The only downside is that law firms lack the experience and resources that fully fledged law firms and has limited access when looking for information and facts.

Small Firms

Commonly known as ‘boutique’ firms, small law firms have two to ten lawyers that provide clients with the legal service they need. Just like solo law firms, they gave a close relationship with their clients, offering them face to face and one on one services where they cater to the client’s needs. Often they go to other law firms and discuss the case with other lawyers to provide the best when it comes to litigation services.

Large Law Firms

Fully fledged law firms are the ones glorified in television series and movies. They range from a few dozen employees to thousands of employees, including paralegals, administrative staff, librarians, human resource experts and other staff. Large law firms specialize in all forms of law and often have branches dedicated to that special law. The departments will be dedicated to only that section of the law, though discussion between lawyers is common.

Criminal Law Firms

Criminal law firms specialize in criminal defense against crimes such as security, DUI and other crimes that are dedicated to clients who can afford to pay for their own lawyer and not a government assigned one. A person who faces criminal charges will often hire a criminal defense lawyer to aid in the case against them.

Because of the nature of what is at stake, criminal lawyers are very well educated in all the laws and procedures. They also have professional relationships with judges, senior lawyers and even police officials.

Litigation Versus Transaction Law Firms

Law firms are also broken down by the type of legal service they provide. For example, a law firm can provide the service of finishing up with all the heavy paper work or go and stand in court for their client.

No matter what the law firm offers, the attorneys give the best in terms of service. Their clients are their priority and they always give them the best deal they can.

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